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It's not a simple season for me since many physical appearance. I started to adapt to dysmorphia in the fall. The problem has fallen since then but has not gone. In the last few months it is my concern for many years that I feel sick.

I feel nervous when they do not practice when it comes to my food-actually, with DI requests (rolls, many hours around my feet and seeing the patient), I eat more than normal. I am proud of myself for the importance of nutrition even when the restraint gives me emotion. Still, the pleasure itself is a great way to win.

During the week or last week, these issues made significant changes. I think my job is to thank this, even if the job is realistic. My day's day (and the evening of my evening) at a very serious clinic gave me the new idea of ​​my body, and the hay & the other.

When I sat down to write this post, I thought the change I felt, and the message I shared, would have been a lot of sick people encouraged me not to take my body. That's not true, though. Often as it seems that my true feelings are going to go up, my dysmorphia my body is completely unsatisfied with the feeling of praise or power. In fact, one of the depressed things about dysmorphia is that I can hardly know how important my body is to do – that is to allow me to move, taste, feel, and meet the world in my shame right now

Working in emergency care reminds me of my health, yes, but I am given a new concept. I was given a sense of mediation, which was not the same as thanking or appreciating health. The idea of ​​mediating the body is not new, but I can not say it has always been easier to find. Suddenly, it may be for the first time, it happens.

At this time, we spend many hours looking at the bodies using a search box, interested in what people feel and their experiences inside their body rather than thinking or feeling about their bodies. It changes. Nutrition education taught me to be reasonable and the purpose of food; Clinical work now gives me the same sense of uncertainty about the visual style of my home.

After a long day of observation and physical examination, it is difficult for me to look at the mirror and see nothing more than human beings, like the ones I've met in eight or nine hours. The same original, and the same softness. It's difficult to look at my limbs and my stomach and see something other than the same structure that is shared by all other humans: cells, tissues, organs, systems. Weight, shape, voices, and imagination-all these thoughts are losing their emotional cost for what I do and how I want to think.

I know this may be sound, which does not mean. Instead, I get clinical work so I become more humane. The pain and loneliness of the war in my body is softened by the awareness of my own way of behavior. When the dysmorphia body tries to exclusively, it feels like it feels particularly sick. This can not be a false, and I'm glad to learn in a new way.

I have only two weeks in hospital where I am working, and as far as I'm far from leaving behind, I'll hear the impact of this work on my brain and heart. Last week I was completely satisfied with the patient's sensual moments, and I would like to thank every one of them.

I hope all of you have a feeling of touch with others, through body, spirit, or other methods. Here are some foods that read and took my eyes this week.

Creamy, best soft, non-dairy fruit: Jeanine celery cream and apple soup.

A beautiful concert, a party, and a lot of people who enjoy the bread and green leafy potatoes from my girlfriend Kate. Easily use the vegan sex you like here (cheese), instead of finding a cheese, and Kate lists the flavors of the flavors as an option for fur for honey.

Many soup! Alexandra's greeting is inspired by Cal Peternell, which is top of the most beautiful beauty.

Emilie will talk directly to the Greek-American heart called gyros vegan.

Finally, Eva's three-layer pie fruit is absolutely amazing! What is a sweater presentation?

Read it

1. I enjoyed reading Take itLooking at the lighting of a new book about memory – and now I want to read the book.

2. Problems, but touching stories of love New York Times.

3. Information on the RDN Cara Rosenbloom diet, through Washington Post.

4. With a childhood memo, Linda Girgis doctor was forced to build a special way during the holidays. If you are happy with holidays with a full heart / mind / memorabilia, it has good advice for creating your own traditions.

5. Succinct, yet touching something from Edith Zimmerman (and a new study) about the problem of obtaining "correct" words to allocate another person. The best way is to say everything that seems to fit the situation, relationships, and conversations, and sometimes not saying everything is comfortable, too. Zimmerman wrote,

I remember when my father was sick and dying, and I was far from what I would say. He understands how I did it, one point he told me, "It's a great pleasure to stay here," and I thought about it many times over the years. Only there is an important part.

Thank you for here on Sunday, and on other Sundays. We look forward to a great week, and we will come back to a simple and fun way to make vegan taxi espresso truffle truffle a few days!


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