QS cost & Q3, EBITDA requires expectations

QS cost & Q3, EBITDA requires expectations

The Jamaica Institute of Health continues to transmit blood transfusions as well as clinical research needs in the third quarter.

Franklin's revenues, Tenn.-based on the three-year revenue of the year 2018, ending September 30, reached 3.45 billion dollars, almost 6% increase from time to time in the year. 2017, worth $ 3.67 billion.

The loss of CHS investors increased to 325 million dollars in total, compared to $ 110 million for this period in 2017.

CHS revenues received before taxes, taxes, amortization and amortization were $ 372 million in the third quarter of 2018, up 12.4% compared to 331 million US dollars a year. 2017. CHS & EBITDA has exceeded the expectations of all researchers, such as the Company's expense.

As in the past, the amount CHS earned has impacted its strategy to sell non-original hospitals. The company has 118 hospitals in the third quarter of 2018, compared to 133 at the same time last year. It is monitored on the account, which accounts for an increase of 3.2 percent a year.

The company said he completed nine hospitals until 2018 and signed a five-year contract. These hospitals, with an unprecedented agreement, represented about 2 billion dollars in last year's revenue, CHS wrote in the report.

CHS growth rates in the quarter show a decline of 12.4% annually, and 12.2% drop annually each year. However, however, only $ 2.3 per cent dropped by year, while signing up dropped 0.8% at the time.

In one case, tolerance rates decreased by 1.5% each year to about 660,000 in the third quarter of 2018.