Pumpkin Polenta with porosity planting layers

Pumpkin Polenta with porosity planting layers

An image illustration of the pumpkin shoots with the pinto chipotle and cilantro beans

When it comes to cooking, polenta is a clean home. This weighing is cold / weather all over. Best of all, this is not the only product. Instead, it is a pumpkin glass with a fresh bake.

Pumpkin qasan

Of course, you can buy canned pumpkin, but I do not think you have met all the falls to give until you cook the pumpkin. Clothes and feel a bit different to the table cooked. We find that the taste is a bit of a wave of radiation and nerves which is not thick. For this reason, I am using the type of polenta that is stronger than it will usually be and then add the sauce.

If you go to & # 39; say you do not want to use the pumpkin, green pie, sweets, or pure sweet potatoes are all working well. I like to make such dishes as if I leave the sweet board. Of course, you can always use canned pumpkin (especially if you are left)

Options Polenta

Making the polenta is one of the cookies we recommend for you and we recommend you get your exercise. It is not uncomfortable when you get the feeling of action and that the patient is worth the time. I would like to cook for at least 30 minutes in a very low heat. This produces the taste of corn and really does make the rich polenta (even before adding butter or cream!)

Alternatively, use the polenta sample. This is one of the most exciting strategies for people trying to avoid the corn. Young people are creatures, when outbreak, has the same type of polenta. The mask has a cream and even can be cooled, cut, and frozen for the next day.


In the case of beans, cook at home. I like dried beans with boiled beans cooked with lots of support for onion, garlic, and herbs. Home cooking is set up in the second round of cooking, with fever, even more tasty.

Do you have fingers beans? Replace black beans. Both work well with free flavors and both make white dressing.


If you happen to be in custody, we recommend that you store it separately, at the very least, for the benefit of the product. To re-enable the polenta, warm it on a small surface or microwave oven. Avoid beans in the same way as you want to cook.


Its contents


1 small powdered sugar


½ cup polenta

2 cups of water / soup

¼ teaspoons sweet sea

2 tablespoons of butter


2 tablespoons olive oil

1 lime cloves, canned

1 ½ cup cooked beans cooked (liquid)

1 chipotle soda adobo

½ teaspoon in the ground

1/2 tablespoon salt


¼ cup pepitas

Cilantro, designed for

Feta / Cotija, for the purpose


  • Place the oven at 400 ° F. Add the pumpkin in the lower part and lower the baking pan. Put in oven and bake until soft plastic, 40 to 50 minutes. Remove from the oven, fruit cars, measure up to 1 ½ cup of pumpkin.
  • Bring to vegetable soups and boiling soups. Include stresses, storms, as long as the mixing starts. Reduce heat, cover, cook for 25 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. (Full technique is available here). When the polenta is made, add the pumpkin, mix thoroughly to mix.
  • Both the bucket and the polenta are cooked, heat or warm in moderate heat. Add olive oil to the garlic. Cook for a minute, until it boils. Measuring pinto beans with fluid, chipotle, sweets, and salt. Cook until your beans are warm and often the liquid is removed.
  • Separate two shells with lentils along with pepitas, cilantro, and feta (optional).

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A vivid image of the pumpkin polenta is recorded with pinto, pepitas, and feta beans.