Providing a Way for Change | Coaching Weight Loss Coaching

Providing a Way for Change | Coaching Weight Loss Coaching

Americans killed in the north $ 60 billion every year trying to lose weight, on the empty of the team to the program weight loss to burn a burning.

I think it's okay to say that the system we have taken up to date does not work.

But why?

To get a lasting reward, we need to change the way we look at it. And changing our environment requires space + time + energy + hand.

Experience and the acquisition of good habits are good if you spend your days and weeks running from one thing to another with a limited amount of time to enjoy and enjoy the food – or prepare foodstuffs – or good nightmare.

You can not learn to learn the best while you always add more + more + to the already completed plate.

If you want to improve your health, do not try to cope with it.

Be sure to take a real look on how you are currently spending your days and ask …

  • What can I stop?
  • Where can I create space?
  • Is it now time?

Changing your situation – achieving your health goal is to give your time for observance + meditation + process + experiment.

Even when we work on one at a time.

The best trade partners are filled. Coaching is not followed by something to "get along with".

The recipe for success has nothing to do with the amount of knowledge you have about diet or exercise.

"Secret" to success?

Create a space. Change one thing at a time. Witness. Work.

XO ~ Robyn

Drinking with one partner with me? It will be a great honor to work with you when and when the time is right.

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