Provides first care for mobile phones – The Home Health Center

Provides first care for mobile phones – The Home Health Center

Since home calls have disappeared, most doctors have been hospitalized and medical offices. But using mobile phones and AIs to the situation, and that should not be, at least for the first time. 98point6, one-third, wants to take the first care through controlling, through dialogue.

The whole process will be the most effective, according to the company, not only due to the network but due to the help of AI and human interaction.

"We have set up to enhance the first medical and technological skills by providing the first care experience," said Robbie Cape, Chairman and 98 98 co-founder of Seattle.

For patients, experience will start with assistant deputy header 98point6, which asks what is wrong. After events, using language language and texture to analyze the subject's context on the appropriate subject, allow the volunteer's opportunity to ask questions that will give doctors the information they need to identify. and solve the problem.

"People want to do very well," Waqqas Mahmood, director of technology, continues to work with Baker Tilly. "If I could have such a talent as I would when I was talking to someone, that would be the best thing, which is why all new AI and technological discoveries have come there."

The software itself does not care for treatment-medical. After the first launch, the software introduced this to 98point6 physicians, all of which are always done for ever. In just a few minutes, the doctor is in touch with the patient, his message to ask more questions-using video and pictures, if necessary-and then download electronic documentation, designing labs, or advising the patient for someone in the person. But the option is very difficult: Over 95% of the cases have been resolved almost.

"This is a great deal from this," Mahmood said. From the perspective, useful organizations have used, he said, because there is a time for humanity on the phone.

Pharmaceuticals, currently, benefit from the greatest care ability. "We are trying to provide patients with access to medical care and care in the pocket so they do not go to Google to answer the questions," Cape said.

After each meeting, the patient receives a controlled control in the 98point6 application, and the information enters the 98point6 health record. The patient may need to visit with external providers.

A AI uses companies such as 98point6, health history is useful, says Aaron Martin, Senior Assistant Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health. "The most important thing in the context is that it's harder to be perfect," he said. "It would be like walking in the hospital without any medical information, so the doctor will ask you to ask yourself a ton of questions."

98point6 currently focuses on the sales market. Employees pay a subscription to get access to your own. "This is important," Cape said, since a bills did not specify the use of the patients.

98point6 and has a direct gift to buyers, who pay 20 dollars for the first year and $ 120 a year later.

As companies grow, it will bring new ways to get patients.

"We will find ways to reach the patients to work with the first care," Cape said. "We want to be there for the sick in the sick and healthy."