Privately developed health adviser for prison police

Privately developed health adviser for prison police
Private Develop a health advisor for prison police

Prison health insurance work meeting

Private Health Adviser for Prison Police

Prison issued a “Medical Insurance Service Guide” for civilian police

Private Health Adviser for Prison Police

police prisons organization health lectures

author: Duan Ming

Jilin Ningjiang comply with police prison health concerns, the organization published “medical insurance Guide” for The police personally tailored the “health advisory insurance”.

After the establishment of the Ningjiang Prison, the medical insurance of the police has changed. Can I use the police medical insurance card in Zhenzheng to Songyuan? What procedures do the police officers prepared by Zhen Zhen need to go to the hospital for medical treatment? What are the specific rules for emergency, serious, and chronic diseases? The basic medical treatment in Songyuan City, the designated medical institutions in Songyuan City, etc., a series of medical treatment problems have been closely watched by prison police. “When the police are concerned, we must respond early and respond correctly. We can’t answer the questions and actively coordinate the relevant localities and departments to find the standard answers. This is our responsibility and obligation.” Zhang Yaochun, the warden, asked the relevant departments for work.

In response to the actual concerns of the police, the cadre organization organized a symposium to collect opinions and suggestions from the police. After combing, the police were concerned about 31 medical treatment and medical insurance issues. Coordinated communication and consultation with relevant departments of Songyuan Medical Insurance, Zhenlai County Medical Insurance, etc., and found relevant policy regulations. After 31 questions have all the standard answers one by one, organize the publication of “Medical Insurance Service Guide” to “one question and one answer” The way to answer each question in detail, to answer the answer, the rules have fallen, and all have echoes. Organize a “new book” conference, interpret the “Medical Insurance Service Guide” on the spot, and answer questions raised by the police representative. At the same time, in order to make it easier to work, we set up a “work group” on the WeChat side, set up a liaison officer in each branch as a unit, and dynamically feedback and transmit information about the police to see a doctor. At the press conference, the police received a lot of praise after receiving the “new book”. “There are also ‘health consultants’ under the circumstance. If you have a question, you can find the answer after you have a question. If you don’t have to ask the west, you really don’t understand. You can go to WeChat to find the group owner. The police watched the “new book” and talked about it. In the group announcement of the “Working Group” of the WeChat “Working Group”, “You can say that this is not a thing”, and the humorous humor tells the original intention of the group and shows the working attitude.

At the same time, in order to better meet the health concerns of the police, let the work concept of “happy work, happy life” bring more sense of acquisition to the police. The prison will combine the study of political theory and health lectures, and invite the health safety education network of Jilin Station to enter the prison for the police to “cure calcium and strengthen bones”, and send CPR emergency rescue knowledge (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration) for the police. ) Self-help and mutual rescue knowledge, smog air hazard and protection knowledge, office common diseases, prevention and improvement of chronic diseases, mental health, stress relief, moderate exercise, tobacco control and alcohol-related health lectures, people pay attention to themselves Health, becoming a “monitor” and “caregiver” for personal health.

There are effective and effective measures and measures to solve the problems of the police, which reflects the value of Ningjiang Prison’s “people-centered” and shows the rate of Ningjiang Prison. Upward and effective, we must always have the spirit of struggle, enterprising spirit and innovative spirit represented by “active, active, active and responsible”. At the same time, this is also a concrete plan for the implementation of the “improvement of strict management and love level” in Ningjiang Prison.