Primal Worldview has changed my life

Primal Worldview has changed my life

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Mark Sisson advises you to live a very enjoyable life. I do not think it is difficult to complete the Paleo diet. I was 50 years old. I got Mark Sisson and Loren Cordain on YouTube. I buy a little booklet and enjoy my health. She looked really good for me and I leaned on.

I had a stomach up to 40 years old. Both parents have insisted on their whole life. I believe all Bran and Raisin Bran and healthy muffins. My mother taught me to dip my young man's bread. What is happiness, it can not be a mistake. High school teacher recommended "Planet Small". "A few years later, I became a vegetarian." Many of my friends were vegetarians, we did not need to kill innocent animals we ate, we ate beans and rice, tofu and vegetables, peanut oil and beer

About five years after college I visited acupuncturist muscle pain. He suggested eating meat and fish. Therefore, in the next 20 years we would be primarily vegetarian but I would have eaten meat and fish. At this time I would eat a delicious breakfast in the morning, a box and lunch with lunch, and dinner and most of the time I followed with Ben and Jerry in bed. Garden and wine have been eating most of the time. I do not think that one of these is bad for my body. I ignored or caused other reasons that I was struggling with and I have a constant pain.

Permanent pain. I'm injured in my knee ligament on the 20th. The operation is not recovering. I think he would heal. Cervical cancer was common for many years. Stick for long-term support. It needs an acupuncturist. Restrained pain. Other areas of prolonged illness increased, such as both knives and two fever. It is used as a useful tool to help these parts of the year. She felt like the muscle was far from the bone. I thought it was a normal, normal lifestyle. I did not sleep well, since I would have to deal with the pain in my hand. The idea that my illness comes from food is never considered. It was sad. She was walking.

I changed the food before Paleo Food. The first change was milk. I went to milk to help with issues about my partner. Then I tried to help me with the issue of my gluten free of charge. The sugar is still out of radar, as I eat free gluten, bread and pasta. I am laughing at my immigration and choice for 10am and M & Ms for 3 hours. He was walking the year. It was in 2013 that I changed.

It was just a YouTube video. Then another. What do you mean by Paleo foods? Click, Riix, Guji. I went to and read any food for Paleo food.

Mark Sisson was thinking and understanding what was going on. I could not find it. Primal has become my food. It is mine.

I usually started to eat lots of vegetables. Breakfast was cereal and now egg, bacon and vegetables. Lunches are left with rice and beans and beans. The food became a great chicken salad.

I became a regular and never returned. I felt great about it. The prolonged illness left. My biggest concern was that I was thinking that he would need a change in the future. The swelling has gradually escalated. It seems to be good.

Weeks before going to Paleo I plan to buy a salad salad to explore the amount of oil. At the moment, at 57, we use the Primal Kitchen® clothes to dribble firmly. What can be done?

I am happy that I did not have sugar.

I thank the beautiful movement of Taoist Tai Chi.

I would like to thank Eckhart Tolle for the ideas of ideas.

I thank Mark Sisson and Paleo / Primal for changing my life.

[Final photo] After six months.


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