Preventing diseases, promoting health – health education lecture hall

Preventing diseases, promoting health – health education lecture hall

Prevent disease to promote health - - Health Education Lecture Hall

In accordance with the requirements of the Hohhot Satellite Health Commission’s Notice on Printing and Distributing Health Education for the Floating Population and Promoting Work Programs, to Improve Community Residents and Mobility The health awareness of the population, popularizing health knowledge, spreading health concepts, creating a healthy living environment, and promoting the building of spiritual civilization in the community. On the afternoon of July 18, the Huimin District Health Education Institute continued to cooperate with the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University to carry out “Health Education”. Lecture hall” activities. The Health Education Lecture Hall is a large-scale public welfare publicity campaign aimed at establishing a healthy communication platform for residents of the jurisdiction and migrant workers. In this activity, a neurology expert and Xiu Qingqing were invited to give a lecture on “After Stroke Recurrence – Secondary Prevention of Stroke”. More than 150 people from the grassroots public health service agencies of the Huimin District Health System, the medical staff of the Affiliated Hospital of Inner Mongolia Medical University, and the floating population of migrant workers in the community health service centers participated in the survey. More than 120 questionnaires on stroke knowledge were distributed.

Prevent disease for health ——Health Education Lecture Hall

In the world, stroke is the second leading cause of death due to high mortality, high disability, and high recurrence rate. The characteristics of high medical expenses have become more and more important. Secondary prevention of stroke refers to taking preventive measures against patients who have already had a stroke. The purpose is to improve symptoms, reduce the rate of sickness and sickness, and prevent recurrence of stroke. There are two main measures, one is to control risk factors; One is reliable and continuous medication. Only by adhering to secondary prevention can we effectively treat the cause and effectively reduce the recurrence. Secondary prevention advocates “double effective”, ie effective drugs and effective doses. Eating and stopping is a taboo for secondary prevention of stroke. Tong Xiuqing experts explained the concepts, hazards and prevention methods of stroke in plain language, so that everyone has a clear understanding of the basic situation of stroke and consciously adopt healthy behaviors and lifestyles. Eliminate or mitigate risk factors that affect health and effectively stay away from stroke recurrence.

This lecture will enable everyone to truly understand the secondary prevention knowledge of stroke, guide everyone to seek medical treatment and rational use of medicine, and promote patients’ awareness of stroke prevention and treatment during the diagnosis and treatment process, and receive positive response and praise. They all said that in the future life, they will correct the wrong eating habits and establish a correct health concept so that everyone can enjoy a happy life.