Preparing for the Holiday Season Handbook & # 39; Leur Nutrisystem Blog & # 39;

Preparing for the Holiday Season Handbook & # 39; Leur Nutrisystem Blog & # 39;

You probably have read dozens of articles and advice on how to "looga safe holidays" when you are trying to lose weight. Saved? What happened to experiencing seasonal happiness, feeling happy and happy? No one wants to escape the holidays, like they are a crocodile full of crocodiles. You want to have fun! By making some strategic preparation before, you can have a healthy and happy holiday.

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Here are 10 easy ways to prepare for a healthy vacation:

1. Define “happy”.

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What are your favorite things to celebrate? Make a list of your favorite moments of this year. Offering gifts, gifts, family table decorations or tree decorations, writing cards, making holiday decorations, annual parties or tastings of family food: baby's mom, Nana & # 39; s delicious Aunt Rose & # 39; s challah bread.

Chances are, one of your favorite things is the warmth and warmth of the whole family bringing the family together to enjoy one another. When trying to eat one extra holiday cookie or toss it into another party at the party, remove it from your list. It will serve as a reminder that you have many other ways to enjoy the holidays, so you won't feel like you're missing out on anything.

2. Don't skip meals.

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Even if you know there is a lot of food on the agenda, don’t “pretend” by skipping your health Nutrisystem Diet. You don’t want to face a hunger strike.

3. Store food in a safe place.

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According to the National Health Service, alcoholic beverages can affect the brain chemicals that tell you your desire to call it a day. Researchers have explained that even though you have a lot of calories from alcoholic beverages, you may eat more when you are conscious.

If you would like to pour one glass of wine during the holiday party, fill it with half a bottle or two-thirds of the way in the refrigerator before adding any alcohol. Bonus: Having a clear glass or mixed container will often stop your guests from trying to give you more!

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4. Volunteer.


Consider enrolling to help with the kitchen of a local soup or pets holiday home. You are not just helping other people in need, you are helping yourself. According to the Mayo Clinic, studies have found that volunteers can beat depression and lower stress levels, both at the general risk of holidays. It can also help you stay physically and mentally healthy. Bring the family and start a new fun culture.

5. Dance.


If you're depressed or depressed when the holidays are around, turn on music and move on. You do not have to be a scientist to know that it is really hard to feel bad when you dance. But science can prove it: A 2015 study, published European Journal of Sports Science, compared to the dances of dancers and dancers. Investigators have found that the tight little exercise of amateurs has led to less stress and more comfort, even after the final notes are announced. Even better: Stopping beats can burn up to 518 calories per hour (depending on the type of dance and speed), says the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. So, stay away from the phenomenon and enjoy this holiday season.

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6. Plan a vacation trip… or two.

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Bring as many family members as you can! According to Healthline, walking offers many health benefits, such as burning calories, increasing energy and improving heart health, immunity and mood. In addition to these methods, the family walkthrough also provides a & # 39; s time to interact with each other without distraction.

7. Your hands (and your mind) busy.

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If you like the time to make a holiday cookie, move on to your DIY ambition for something that is not food. Many parks, arboretums and parks clubs offer lessons on how to make holiday flowers and big ropes, lights for lighting or creating childhood gardens. Learn how to knit, pack and dress in your local clothing store or craft center to create homemade holiday gifts that your family will love.

8. Take some time – usually.

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It is easy to go on holidays – planning, prepping, shopping, shopping, decorating, cooking, wrapping. Only meditation can stimulate your blood pressure. Mindfulness – a meditation technique that helps you focus on the present moment (and not all the other moments you have planned) – may be your solution.

According to the magazine Today he is a dietitian, mindfulness practices have been shown to help develop eating habits and “good everyday life”, without judgment. It can help you to relax, turn away from love and remind yourself of your ultimate goals, leading you to better choices.

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9. Stay calm everywhere.

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Quickly relax with simple, deep breathing techniques, no matter what is going on. According to Health News Today, special breathing techniques called "4-7-8" can help reduce stress, improve sleep and control cravings. It involves calmly breathing your nose for four seconds, holding it up for seven seconds, and then exhaling for eight seconds, making a soft, gentle voice (repeat about four times). Just make sure you talk to your doctor before adding your behavioral intervention to make sure this is the right technique for you.

10. Give yourself the gift of forgiveness.

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You were already planning to do the right thing and stick to your meal program. However, clinical testing and holiday still has a small table in salkaaga. Don't hurt yourself. Shame can lead you to despair and ruin your diet on a regular basis. Cut to rest. Everyone has a bad day, but they don't necessarily lead to a bad life. Forgive yourself and immediately jump into the food truck for your next meal.

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