Plant Strawberry Banana

Plant Strawberry Banana

The green tea nets made with chopped fruit, fresh strawberries, banana, and touching the maple syrup make a beautiful and beautiful animal all over the family.

Eat a simple formula filled with fresh strawberries and banana is a healthy and full breakfast! They love us along with Bananas and Egg Pancakes and Palsakes.

Everyone likes pancakes but it is not the best choice for breakfast. The ingredients in the white, sugar, and butter are not to say all the grades – the flavored sugar "syrup, butter, jellies and chips, cream, Nutella, or chips, sometimes I feel just like feeding my family.

While none of them is particularly healthy (particularly in large numbers), there is nothing about love of love. As you know, I do not think it's important to make a diet, but I think it's important (and fun) to create their favorite foods to keep them healthy (still still).

This was the idea behind the strawberry Banana Oat Pancakes. When you are looking for the morning of the morning, or just the same health risk, at the front, these children (made from oatmeal instead of nausea) will hit the area. They are black and filling, strawberries and bananas with natural sweet apple. It also cools big so it's good to do big batches to save you later. (That is, if you have something to escape to save!)

Milk shop with fresh strawberries and banana with high syrup pour syrup.

Side Ideas of the Diaspora

Although these are foods, sometimes it may be slightly smaller, more than your breakfast. Sometimes you can sleep, your breakfast needs to be very good. I got a cha. These are good for:

  • On the egg, whatever you like (or maybe white egg).
  • Cup bread
  • Some milk sofa
  • Meat low sodium, turkey, or other breakfast.
  • Bacon, Egg, Zucchini and Cheese Muffins.

Writing Ideas

If you do not like marijuana, strawberries or juice (I have a friend who has not already dried fruit cut with chopped fruit after finding its next virus in high school and now can not stand for the taste) trouble with & # 39; .

  • Try to replace the unwanted apple (start with a cup and see how your moisture is before it adds it).
  • Use honey or agave instead of maple syrup.
  • Use other fruits that you like or add to the berries instead of you (or add them) strawberries.
  • Use other leaves like almond if you do not like the bake.
  • Or, if you do not want to waste your entire refuse, you can buy the flour.
  • Make vegan by using egg yolk and egg yolk called cooking.
  • Some more milk than other milk you have or enjoy.
  • Pour all greased baking panels and bake one large lump. Cut down by using the machine for pancakes-funny-kids they like.

Lettuce carrots with bananas in white plates.

What are the benefits of eating strawberries?

In addition to the taste of a crown of one of my favorite goats, the grass is in the host for other excellent nutrients. Antioxidants containing antibiotics can help prevent cataracts and get rid of free radicals. Vitamin C in strawberries is also good for your eyes by protecting the sun from the UV sun exposure, as well as strengthening whea and retina.

As if they are not enough, vitamin C strawberries also help with cancer, keep the immune system, and help them fight infection. It is also good for your skin, helping your body develop cholesterol to protect your skin and endure it.

Finally, strawberries contain a flavonoids, or phytochemicals, which work as antioxidant, caring for your heart and health protection, and fighting your muscles, tissues, and joints.

What are the benefits of eating bananas?

Even though the green banana has a lot of advantages and disadvantages, I would describe the yellow I used to cook. To start, the yellow bananas are low in fat, they contain their vitamins to keep you feeling full, longer, and potassium including the good for your heart health and the pressure of your blood pressure.

They are also good for prevention of cramping (type or type, or type-to-night) because of B6 levels and potassium levels.

Eating diet can help you to change your potassium while you exercise – that is why you see them a light snack after every 5K. They are also good sources of antioxidants, easy to abdomen, and can help you improve your sleep or boost your mood.