It consists of 3 pizzas

I know. We must use weights. Real foods use the weights. I am a soft type of cooked food, not meat, and therefore weighs no weight. Sorry. I leave it to keep the flu, the spine, and think that extra flour is being added during the emerging stage.

Its contents

1 tsp. active yeast and active yeast
1 1/3 cup warm (not heated)
2 tsp. honey
1 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, much needed
3 1/2 – 4 cups of bread or "type" 00 ", plus many things to do
1 tsp. sea ​​salt

Cornmeal or semolina, cooking


Mix the cream and warm water, and sit with a few minutes of leaf to move. If you do not get any bubbles or layers, you may be too bad for leather. Stir in honey and olive oil.

In a bowl of mixer with a dough knead, add flour and salt. Mix the engine low and flush with water. Mix the dough for 2 minutes. See the dry mixing mix if you need it. Let's rest for a minute, then add another minute. The curtain should look over but still looks like a lively ball. Add a weight of water or the best of the noodles, it is easy to rely on fatty water since you are not able to work in the water, but you can always use flour to remove it. When touched, your hands will be removed, but you must be able to replace the lithium tube.

Transfer the dough into the oiled container, cover, and hold in the refrigerator one (at least) three days (better).

Do not even give a second opinion. Only when they are tired, they need to look at zero.

On the day of making pizza, cut the fractions 3-4 hours before you can. Cover the lid with a light flour. Separate the dough into three parts, pass through the flour and balls, cover the detergent and leave it every 30 minutes to an hour. Climate and moisture are expected. Mix in your oven or oven as hot as the heat. Mix the pizza ears or baking paper if you use it. Prepare your own clothes.

When you are ready to cook, use your hands to push and stretch the small amount of dough. Use pin if you need it, but pressure comes out of all circles. It is easy to use as a refrigerator, so the thinner is better. Try not to touch outside 1/2 "the hope you keep in the air cans.

Add bread or yogurt to bread or baking sheet. Is he ready to work faster? If you have pizza peel, sprinkle the chicken, then dough your chicken and collect chicken (we do not have one, so I do it for the chunky board and stone stones). Ignore the pizza from the hot to hot stone / pan.

Add to the oven 500 for about 10-12 minutes. Remove it to cool before discarding it. Save all the new grass and spray sprinkler to finish it.

* If we are experiencing heavy or heavy weight, we will bake in a few minutes, then wet and smear clothes from where they can survive in a safer environment.