Pharmaceuticals for all PACs only support & # 39; Candidates 7 candidates & Democrats

Pharmaceuticals for all PACs only support & # 39; Candidates 7 candidates & Democrats

The new Medical Medicare of Political Politics has accepted seven candidates – most of them running to continue in California.

The Pradala Jayapal Interview Report (D-Wash.) Has launched Medicare for the entire club in the summer during the summer and has stayed in Medicare for all PACs. The current committee has at least 70 members, although supporters of democracy who do not want their move to move this way are not more than 123 Democrats who have tried to support "Medicare for all "rules.

On Friday, PAC supported the California Democrats in five of the races that were held in a way that the family had to do with: Mike Levin, jam & # 39 ; Democrats continue to stand by sworn in by Gand Rep Darrel Issa; Josh Harder, who challenged Rep. Jeff Denham; Katie Porter, who challenged Rep. Mimi Walters; Katie Hill, who challenged Rep. Steve Knight; and Harley Rouda, who challenged Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

The organization also agreed with Nebraska Democrat's Kara Eastman, which runs on Rep. Don Bacon in a great race, and Liz Watson, who challenged Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (R-Ind.).

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) It has developed the vision of "Medicare for everyone," and the majority of the democratically elected Democrats want to contest for the presidential election of Democratic Party 2020 , like Sens. Cory Booker (DN.J.), Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) With Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) They fly on the train.

Democrats and legislators are trying to keep policy plans behind them and focus on Obama's growth with new funding and pushing forward funding.

Policies have a bad idea in the team, as new and # 39; Candidates who fled on the site lost their funding to the Democrats who followed the Code of Practice, expanded Medicare or Medicaid to a national option;

Finally, only seven of the 125 seats – although the Democrats' dismissal or the GOP district councils may be able to agree.

The Republicans, who are suffering from this poll in the presidential election for the past year's effort to replace Obamacare, have tried to paint "Medicare for all" as Democrat's greatest, they say in the ads that & # 39; Democrats want to "end" Medicare's open to everyone.