Our Best Friend – Video

Our Best Friend – Video

The Best Public Spokesperson - Video - Golubka Kitchen

Today, we think it's fun to share a video about my favorite, slow and convenient way to make ginger, the face skin of the Chinese herbs.
Outdoor advertising is a beautiful treat, but I am trying to give more. The training has the ability to be more creative, more enjoyable, and yes, a simple, easy-to-handle way. For me, everything about the meaning of our work all day – you can short down your laptop when you post youtube videos, or you can do when you want to stay completely anywhere you are, Knows the sounds and smells around you, recognizing your skin senses. Though they practice the same step, you will meet two different experiences. As I do both, I would like to remind myself that I'll get a double glimpse of such an action, just outside of my skin, facial vomiting, and so forth.

The Best Public Spokesperson - Video - Golubka Kitchen

What is it

The tea skin is a wrapped paper that is widely used in ancient Chinese medicine. A special (or affordable) device or cough is used to make various movements in the face and neck, which increases the circle, helps with the spider fluid movement, tries to characteristic, and adjusts the face muscles. The benefits of Gua Sha include the combination of body mass, reduced spinal cord, and skin color. It can help you to push the neck of the neck, depression, stomach, and even headache. It's a straightforward way in the backpack of the skin, and is the most durable treatment, the old age treatment you can give yourself to the comfort of your home. It is also a great way to show that you like to love yourself. Taking an amount of time to slow down and directing yourself to yourself and your good by practicing every aspect of your behavior is the ultimate act of self-care.
* Gua machine also works on the body, with a lot of pressure on the device, and you will probably need to see acupuncturist that. We only focus on the gossip facebook on this post.


Gua Sha devices come in many different ways, most of which are found in measles and grow in quartz. In the following table, we use a soft heart instrument, but you can use a quartz device with the same results (just select the type of rock you have attracted). The pattern can vary. If you have a filtering device, the chances are you already have one that works for this procedure. Only check that the appliance has a flow of flats (or small). It can be a couple of ways like this or heart-shaping like this.

Friendship presence

Our movement is a little different than some of those we see here. We are presented with an acupuncturist, and you are working on the bottom of your neck and face up to the face, since the lethargy down, which is the best place for the above. In this way, you can straighten your cells and stimulate your circulation at the neck, so there is an opening for the excess fluid in the middle and upper extremity to drain. It is a type of tap that needs to be opened to the bottom to release the water. This system is also slow, restful, based on light touch.
Also, if you are not quite sure about this particular schedule for any reason, there are many videos about Youtube that you would like!

When and how

There is no right or wrong way to view the screen saver. Do as much as you like / always and always when it's right for you. It is very good in the morning, because it helps to move lymph (lymph) and de-puff (that is), which can be routinely passed into the morning. It's also amazing before bed, because the light and the balance is very high.

My experience

I heard an article on the face of a short time and finally decided that this year will be the year I will try. I ended my exercise, and my fingertips on the screen now is a constant on my bedside table (I also tried to use a natural dryer and although it feels good, I do not have much water more efficient). The positive effect of google is not quick and it looks like it will be after a while, but your face will appear more clearly after the same tactic, which always encourages. To do this, make the steps about one side to your face, and then look at how your photos are more photos, your eyes are open, and your eyes are higher than that. For me, this can be especially true for eye and eyes.
The number of good physical changes I discovered was that I had a regular doctor (I do 2-3 days a week) in the morning, which is great for me. During the day I would like to learn googa face the bed before going to bed. I find it's uncomfortable, and wetting the wound helps me to work on the neck of the neck, which I meet regularly with a normal workday on the computer. Since my skin looks stormy in the morning, I will not know if I'm tired of looking hard if I've had to go through the night. Sometimes, if I eat late, eat a meal or sleep more easily and get more inflamed, I do it in the morning. In this case, I would like to run the clean water in the cold water and clear it from drying, so I have a cold stone to work with. This feels like that so good beyond excess dust time.
I truly like the timetable and all the rest of the breaks, decorating and trying to squeeze many times a week while I can. I think you will really like it.

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