To describe the experience well, I must first introduce you to Elyse. I know it's going through a friendship; Our streets are going through many times, but since the start of the new podcast project, I know that it will be my favorite. It has a personalized characteristic of people – warm, trust, deliberate, intelligent, confident. It has a parent story, one that can bring you dark and dull, but it shines. So it's the easiest, and the best I have ever heard. It is a trained therapist, so you expect some, but see it differently. Comprehensive education can not be compared to the natural forces of some. As I said, I knew that I loved without the front of the first week of the week, but it is building – creating a somewhat sensitive place to be seen and removed from their own way – it's amazing.

It has been two days, with a group of five women, while Elyse brought us his curriculum, as it explains, "looking at a very positive assessment of your history, and current actions in your experiences and basic ideas." We sent a letter to our young people, destroyed our lives, shared stories from each other – the stories of loss and abuse, and silence and shame – each woman had something to share about different ideas and situations. I felt my sense of how I had a few things out of the heart. I left feeling motivated about how I can move things up to what we need – either both professionally and personally. One of the exercises had a curve on me: "Now you're the woman you want to be." I needed to head off the head, then old stories and doubts about him. Go to Give up the conversation. Work in the conflict instead of safely. Start with business.

On the impressive loss of Anthony Bourdain, I feel a responsibility to point out my own diet as I do the right food. Last week it was me. When I experience my experience, pull your head, light and see them with a different perspective, on a long road to repeating your control rather than the other way. The Internet sells all of our products; We hope things can be solved by our patience. There is an e-mail message on contact search; when you can drive when you can not put yourself. So we will tell anyone who needs to be listened – add friendships, invite people, ask what you need, look for knowledge, pay a doctor, make a living, feel comfortable with a friend, take risks, decline and play.

It's really hard to just sing the words honestly, it was so personal. I am still going to climb up my high back to power, and I want to give you some. You are enough. You have the ability. You are very intelligent and beautiful.

"Be patient with everything in your heart. Try to love the water itself, such as hidden rooms and books in foreign languages. Do not search for answers. Now you can not be given because you can not live. # 39; You have to meet everything. At this time you need to live in the water. You may go slowly, without knowing, seeing that you feel the answer, the day long . "

– Rainer Maria Rilke, Little Poetry