One-Minute Ways to Kill Desires – All Day

One-Minute Ways to Kill Desires – All Day

Testing is everywhere – and always there. Fight – and win – the hardest times of the day as you go through these one-minute ways to beat desires that impede your progress.

7 a.m .: MORE WATER SCHOOLS IN WATER Start your day with a big glass, cold water and burn more calories throughout the day. In a German study, investigators found that lowering 6 cups (48 ounces) of cold water increases calorie rest by up to 50 calories per day. Not all of that – researchers at the University of Utah have found that adults who are dehydrated burn up to 2 percent less calories. And not enough, according to a study conducted by Virginia Tech, subjects who drank two 8-ounce glasses of water before meals lost 36 percent more weight than 12 weeks for non-drinkers. So pack a big one before breakfast and start the day burning.

10 a.m .: Fill in PROTEIN Proteins in the morning – such as peanut butter, eggs or Greek yogurt can help prevent diabetes later in the day. In a study from the University of Missouri, MRI scans showed a significant decrease in activity in the brain regions associated with a desire among participants who ate protein in the morning. People who eat food eat a little hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates hunger.

Noon: Do not eat your EVERYTHING Or at least not work while at lunch. In many studies, the “mind-eating diet,” in which dieters emphasize being aware of the food they are eating and exercising, has helped people lose weight without focusing on calories. To try this, eliminate the distractions during lunch – such as reading, e-mail, or television – and focus on the colors, tastes, and structure of your meal at noon. In a three-month study from Ohio State, patients with type 2 diabetes significantly reduced their blood sugar by using this technique.

2 p.m .: GET START A GENERAL MARRIAGE When your body suddenly loves chocolate during the afternoon mix in the office, it is not the chocolate that your body wants – it is the stuff like dopamine, a chemical that binds your body to the release of chocolate when you eat chocolate. But other ways you can get the release of dopamine-like exercise. So instead of picking up a nasty bandage bite from the reception area, take a quick walk. You will clear your head and find the chemicals that your body really wants. When you return, stay away from the plate. In a study involving a plate of candy, scientists found that people ate 1.8 pieces of candy a day when a table was placed on their table instead of two meters away. So go farther and end unconscious relationships.

5 p.m .: WELCOME TO THE VOTE An hour before dinner, prepare the wood. When you drink hot drinks – like tea – for an hour before eating, you can eat less and feel better, faster. In a 2008 study at Penn State, people who drink hot drinks before eating eat 134 fewer calories than they eat. And you can add it to the festivities if it has a cinnamon flavor Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, apple cider has been shown to increase glucose metabolism by 20.

9 p.m .: Use your WOMAN to SIGN YOUR WOMAN When the eyelids begin to drain, your body can look for boost – energy and comfortable hormones. For many people, this means a snack before bed, and it is usually delicious. But a good aroma – like aromatic candles – can stimulate your emotions and deliver the desired cure to your body. And if you choose mince, it can help stabilize your body: According to a study at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia, ingredients that weigh spicy every 2 hours eat less than 1,800 calories in less than 5 days when they don't cook. .

10:45 p.m .: STOP! Being sleepy doesn't mean you don't have time to eat – it also balances the hormones that make you feel hungry and feel better. When you don't get all night, your appetite hormones go up. The amount of ghrelin, which gives you the appetite, is increasing, while the amount of full-dose hormone called & # 39; leptin & # 39; is declining. And science strengthens the relationship between eyelids and thin thighs: In a 16-year study of 68,000 middle-aged women from Western Reserve University, subjects who slept less than 5 hours each night were more likely. must 32 percent earn 33 pounds. or longer in study time, compared to those who received 7 to 8 hours of rest. When I sleep! You get a lot of energy throughout the day.