OIG: FDA has lost policies and procedures

OIG: FDA has lost policies and procedures

FDA is not adequately addressed to address the emergence of existing medical devices in the market, according to a new survey from the Office of the Inspector General.

Because of these issues related to these policies and procedures, the human rights situation and the FDA itself are in danger, according to the findings, published by the News Agency on Thursday.

Cybersecurity continues to be a major reflection among experts as data is declining annually. Between January 1, 2018, and October 1, 2018, there were 277 prohibited articles released to the Office of Human Rights. At the same time last year there were 271 wounds.

In a critical report that took over a long period of time, OIG described the issues that the FDA faced with the marketplace and suggested how the agency could correct them.

FDA does not prove to be effective can not answer the urgent problem of cybersecurity in relation to OIG. In addition to the 19 FDA branch offices, the agency has no mechanisms for responding to the medical treatment of cybersecurity.

In order to protect human health; • from threatening threats, FDA should "continue to monitor cybersecurity testing for medical devices" and to improve the proper procedures. The Commission should also ensure that it has set up ways to share "important information" about cyberattacks and how to deal with issues related to cybersecurity.

The FDA, in response to the OIG, said it had comprehensive policies and procedures there and had already solved some problems.

"The report posted by OIG on the company's web site provided a complete picture of how the FDA's administration of healthcare services in the past," FDA said, depending on the report.

But the FDA said she would continue to work on recommendations made by the OIG that at times it had already started. For example, the FDA has provided diplomatic documents with two organizations and distributors.

The FDA acknowledged the OIG recommendations as a good mark, the IIG website and IT director of the website, Jarvis Rodgers, told modern health, "FDA works well and we are That is a good step with FDA trying to lead the example. "

FDA is important to some reporting areas, however, told the IIG company that, on the contrary, it looks at the health care system for some of the most important and most important factors at the level of experience.

FDA criticized how the terms were set.

"OIG does not provide details on its observations in key policies and procedures," FDA said as a result of the report.

Cybersecurity was worried about the FDA. In October, the press releases new editions of the presentation, focusing on the final launch of the year 2014. In the new documents, the Commission asked the experts to release a web application document, which would compile all the articles that are included in medical devices so that the last consumers can take care of security.

"The FDA began with a consistent approach with cybersecurity connection in leading leadership, and enhanced and improved their behaviors in the market," Rodgers said. "As a result of our work, FDA is in the utmost position to address the threat of the web."