NYC hospitals sell companies at the center of hospital insurance category

NYC hospitals sell companies at the center of hospital insurance category

The New York City health system eliminates insurance companies engaged in the scheme to steal hundreds of millions of dollars into hospitals, and pledged to use sales to improve their jobs.

The Montefiore Health Center, Maimonides Center for Health, Mount Sinai, and the Sinai Institute for Health and Medicine are selling a Hospital Liaison Insurance Hospital and its third representative, FOJP Service Corporation, to Doctors for $ 650 million.

This agreement, approved by the New York News Agency, is expected to be closed next year. Hospitals have used HIC and FOJP for a medical clinic for 40 years, and will continue to use two companies for such services even under their new ownership.

DFS predicted last year that HIC secretly asserted that insurance companies in hospitals had increased over $ 160 million in subscribers providing more than $ 200 million in investment investments. for over two years, although avoiding local rules. Errors have begun to sign a 2017 deal.

Under the negotiation agreement, HIC violated insurance laws by disadvantaging prisoners' insurance companies from state governments, as well as lack of public approval to interact with consumers and to work with the authorized FOJP – almost almost 40 years. The company has spent 3 million dollars.

Stephanie Reichin, FOJP spokeswoman and HIC, said the sale afforded hospital opportunities to open HIC headquarters, but those who did not have access now. Hospitals will earn 100 percent of the cost, which says they are planning to plan their jobs. Under the agreement, FOJP and HIC will become Doctors's owners, says Reichin.

Under the deal, Mount Sinai will receive half of the funds, which the organization said would go to its port, including the construction of a new Sinai Sinai and Hospital in Israel, Reichin said.

A 25 percent of the budget will go to Montefiore, who plans to make money on the IT channel designed to reduce the cost and cost of investments to help adjust to the value of care.

The remaining 25% will go to Maimonides, who are planning to prepare it in important areas, student and technical reforms.

In the news release, FOJP and HIC said Doctors have authorized to protect hospitals and doctors to provide the best care for patients. They said the deal was consistent with the policy of the state politicians to expand the competition between the researchers in the state, while under the absolute control of DFS.

"Doctors have understood the needs of hospitals, our doctors and doctors, and have contributed to our ability to provide the best care for all patients," said Walter Harris, President of the HIC and FOJP, in a statement.