Nutrisystem & Playlist! – Leaf

Nutrisystem & Playlist! – Leaf

Our gifts in this busy business, a beautiful day is a favorite series of leisure music. We can start slowly, slowly, and build up sounds, as well as the beautiful holiday routines. Enjoy, and happy holidays from all friends here.

"Do not Evil House"

The Song Song– Cole Cole

"We've upgraded Christmas lists"Funding

"White Christmas"– Follow Crosby

Linus and Lucy– Guaraldi Trio

"Christmas in the field"-Nick Lowe

"About Christmas Day"-Bryan Adams

"Christmas writing"– Guards

"Christmas in Hollis"-Run-DMC

"I want all the winter you are."-Mariah Carey

"Because Santa is in the city" –Bruce Springsteen

Run Run Rudolph– Chuck Berry

What is your favorite holiday? Take part in the comments section below!