Notice on the Health Certification of Persons Receiving Social Pension Insurance for Urban and Rural Residents in the First Quarter of 2018

Dingxing County Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

About the social pension of urban and rural residents in the first quarter of 2018

InsuranceNotice of Health Certification for Recipients

To strengthen the management and supervision of social endowment insurance funds for urban and rural residents, and to prevent the loss of social security funds, Further strengthen the standardized management of the payment of social endowment insurance benefits for urban and rural residents, and fundamentally avoid the phenomenon of fraudulently obtaining pensions. According to the requirements of the higher authorities and relevant documents, the bureau plans to carry out the urban and rural residents’ society in 2018 in March and April. The health status certification of the recipients of pension insurance benefits, please prepare for the 60-year-old or older.

The recipient will take the valid ID card and social security card (bank card) to the designated locations in the townships and towns to participate in the certification and the electronic photos will be archived by the handling staff. If the recipient cannot come to the company for special reasons, the client may be authenticated by the client with the ID card, social security card (bank card) and photos holding the calendar of the day. The electronic photos are handled by the township (community office). Personnel keep image data for storage.

Attachment: Timetable for Certification of Social Security Offices in Townships (Communities)

Dingxing County People’s Social Security Bureau

March 20, 2018

About the first quarter of 2018 Social Pension for Urban and Rural Residents Notification of the health certificate of the recipient of the treatment

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