New anti-cancer diet table: these kinds of food must be eaten often

New anti-cancer diet table: these kinds of food must be eaten often

Now everyone should be familiar with cancer. Although we have many ways to treat cancer, we can achieve the goal of letting most patients survive with tumors. Even many tumors can be cured clinically. The effect, but cancer is still a big problem for many people. In addition to active cancer and treatment after getting cancer, we must always pay attention to the prevention of cancer. As the saying goes, “Illness from the mouth” shows how important it is for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Then take stock of what is a small anti-cancer expert and which food is the “accomplice” of cancer!

 New anti-cancer diet: These foods must be eaten frequently.

Cancer The accomplice one: sugar

The high-sugar diet has a lot to do with cancer, not only because sugar can promote the growth of cancer cells, but also because high-sugar diet can easily induce obesity, and obesity It can’t be separated from the occurrence of a variety of cancers. According to a study by the American Cancer Society, people who consume too much high-sugar food for a long time will increase the risk of pancreatic cancer by about 10 times higher than normal. According to the recommendation of the Dietetic Nutrition Association of China, it is best not to exceed 25 grams of sugar per day.

Cancer “helper” 2: pickles

The salted foods will add a lot of salt during the processing because of economic reasons, and the salt contains Impurities such as nitrite, nitrate, etc. These substances may produce harmful substances such as nitrite in the production process. During the curing process, the preserved food is easily contaminated by bacteria. If the salt content is less than 15%, the nitrate in the vegetables may be reduced by microorganisms. Nitrite, after 1 hour of pickling, increased nitrite content, reached a peak after two weeks, and lasted for 2 to 3 weeks.

Eating such a cured food can cause nitrite to form a carcinogenic nitrite when it encounters an amine compound in the body. Therefore, it is harmful to the body to eat pickled foods. It is easy to induce cancer.

 New anti-cancer diet: These foods must be eaten frequently.

Cancer The accomplice” three: tobacco and alcohol

The harm of tobacco and alcohol is believed to be known to us, but many people can’t stop it. Especially for many male friends, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol is harder than going to heaven. But in fact, tobacco and alcohol can be described as “indispensable” in the process of inducing cancer. People’s many cancers have an inseparable relationship with tobacco and alcohol. Gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, etc. all have a lot to do with drinking and smoking. Excessive drinking can directly lead to sudden death, and smoking is equally dangerous.

Speaking of foods that are so easy to induce cancer, how should we pay attention to diet? The following things can be eaten a little more properly.


New anti-cancer diet: these foods must be eaten often

The plains are rich in tea, and there is information that people in the plains and mountains are less likely to develop cancer than others.

Black tea green tea is a good anti-cancer food. Tea can not only prevent stomach cancer but also prevent lung cancer. The effective substances contained in tea can combine with carcinogens to decompose and reduce the activity of cancer cells. It inhibits the anti-cancer effect of cancer cells, and people who insist on drinking tea for a long time are still living longer.


rich in vitamin A, B2, B5, sucrose, glucose, starch, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other trace elements, especially smoking People who consume more vitamin A can reduce their chances of developing lung cancer and are ideal foods for cancer prevention. In the absence of vitamin A, the incidence of cancer is more than twice that of normal people.


It is rich in trace elements such as allicin and selenium. It is often used for anti-cancer, anti-cancer, bactericidal and antibacterial effects. Garlic is known as “penicillin growing in the ground.” The trace elements are more abundant for black garlic, and are used for deep processing of garlic.

 New anti-cancer diet table: These foods must be eaten often

Broccoli And cabbage:

The plants of the cruciferous family, including broccoli, cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, are all anti-cancer foods. Many studies have shown that eating these vegetables can reduce the threat of stomach cancer, breast cancer and bowel cancer. Surprisingly, the curative substances in cruciferous vegetables are neither vitamins nor minerals, but a series of complexes called sputum matrices. But the sputum matrix will be lost when it is cooked, so don’t cook it for too long.

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