Natural remedies to treat the flu season – News

Natural remedies to treat the flu season – News

This is officially the time of year.

The time of year where you start to notice inflammation and inflammation from your colleagues. Sesame number of noses with high fever from children. Or maybe – there are no shows from the list of guests invited to celebrate a birthday or a gathering because they are homeless with the virus.

The CDC identifies October as the first flu season and if you want more people, you might start thinking of ways to avoid getting infected (far from being far away from anyone who seems to be a symptom).

If you have young children in school, you may already have overcome some of the drugs as they go back to the classroom thinking of having a panic disorder.

Knowing that you will be exposed to other viruses than al & # 39; s, it is always a good idea to do things to help reduce the risk of infection after exposure. This includes washing your hands frequently and keeping you away from your face and mouth, and avoiding contact with the unhealthy.

But at the same time, I always ask my customers to think of ways to enhance their immune system and the natural protection of these cells so that if you are in contact, your body has less chance of it coming down.

Your body is designed to fight harmful substances, and if you think of your immune system as a small army, you can make different choices in medications that help support and improve it to stay strong.

Are some people more likely to be infected than others?

As stated earlier, you are exposed to drugs every day and it seems that the infection with the virus is very strong at this time of year. But what’s more important is how your immune system responds after exposure.

There are a number of different factors that can hinder our immune system, high levels of sugar in processed foods, stress and infertility are some of the most important things in our life the chemicals and toxins that we regularly encounter in our environment. and food choices.

Although it is perfectly safe to get sick & # 39; a few times a year, if you are someone who always seems to get the bug rolling around (even outside of this season), you may need to include some techniques and medications that supports your growth. health and immune systems on a more regular basis.

Effective Medicine

Get the sun

If I can only take one diet to recommend to support your immune system, it will be vitamin D. Not only can it help you from illness, but it can also reduce your period by reducing inflammation and supporting Tcells activity. which protects against diseases that cause illness. The best way for your body to get this nutrient is from the actual day (your skin gets mixed after exposing it) and often, I would advise clients to go out twice a day (best morning and noon), ten minutes at a time.

If you are staying in cooler areas during this time of year and rarely spend any time outdoors, this may not be possible and is highly recommended. Vitamin D Council recommends most adults between 1,000 and 5,000 IU, but it is also recommended to check privacy measures to make sure the amount is sufficient for you. This is especially important in track if you do not have a regular sunset (without SPF) during the year or eat in Vitamin-D rich foods, such as fatty fish, nuts and oils, eggs or milk.

Eat healthy foods

One of the best ways to enhance your immune system is to focus on foods that are rich in nutrition, such as nutritious foods, & # 39; he & # 39; s vegetables and natural grammar while and avoid / limit foods that have a lot of inflammation. Major inflammatory foods include wheat / gluten, processed dairy, corn and soy and usually increase the size of your gut, making it a challenge for your immune system to keep out any intruders.

You can also enhance your diet by selecting a diet that is locally adapted to your mood.

Water treatment is also very important, so if you currently do not consume at least 8 glasses of water a day, you should prefer this one in your daily activities.

Do not overdose

If infertility is harming your immune system, don't take it during this time of year. The goal for most adults should be between 7-9 p.m. Relaxation will be one of your main ways to stay healthier or to help your body recover faster. With shorter holidays and less sunshine at this time of year, some of us have the time to relax on a good time. But if you are having trouble while falling or falling, you can take steps to improve it. One of my favorite remedies for backpacking is spray spray with homemade lavender or lightly lavender. For those with mental and emotional exhaustion, the best sleep support program I would like to recommend is our PM Resort.


There are some Ian supplemental foods that I am starting to add (or increase in frequency) once this time of year through: Vitamin C, probiotics and zinc.

If you are getting enough of a good memory (such as Our One-Time Life), you will probably receive a lot of zinc. You can also increase your zinc intake. Notes for you & # 39; s festivities include grass-fed beef, pumpkin varieties and dark chocolate.

Vitamin C is probably the most popular enhancer of antibiotics – it is usually the first food most of us think about when we start to feel damaged or as if we are sick. My favorite foods include lemon juice (great to add with salt in your drink) and bell peppers. I often recommend in the supplemental form to those who are often ill or trained too often. 1,000 mg a day is usually recommended to support immunization.

A good probiotic is part of an effective plan that I have for many of my clients because it helps improve the quality of the antibodies you may find in your vein and especially when you are diagnosed with viruses or viruses.

Managing this concern

All of us are anxious, but your healthy goals should be active towards the right solutions that help build your body (and responses) to daily stress.

For some, this may be a step in the intersection with the relaxation strategy. For others, it may include researching appropriate self-care strategies that allow you to release any emotional or emotional concerns.

Moving your body on a regular basis will always be a great decision from my & # 39; s career, as the best effect of exercise in my opinion is its potential impact on our mental and emotional health. Find something that you enjoy and you can keep it up to date so you have a technique that you enjoy everyday that allows you to do something healthy for your body.

How to know if heaven is enough?

If you feel like the above list is something you regularly do, and yet you are often ill, you can & # 39; t get more privacy with evaluation.

Our Lab Lab Manager, Mandy Rother (who is also a profit and is a health coach) said his organization regularly offers advice to our members regarding the effects of their blood markers. For some, they may find that their gut is prone to dehydration (a high risk of infection often) and may require additional gut / immune systems that include specific diet and supplements.

She also noted that Elderberry syrup is a common ingredient and people are trying to incorporate it into daily activities because they notice a difference in how their immune system responds to this season. Whether they start picking it up when they feel they are running away or just putting it in their daily routine, it's something to try if you feel like everything is working.

– Ma & # 39; s works by Flourish

This article is not designed for treatment or prevention of disease, as an alternative to medication, or on behalf of a physician. The usefulness of the suggestions in this and other contexts lies in the choice and risk of the reader.