NantHealth more than twice net loss in third quarter

NantHealth more than twice net loss in third quarter

NantHealth's medical company reported more than twice a third hospital while President said the company was working hard to test HIV / AIDS.

Culver City, Calf.-based NantHealth lost loss was 97.5 million dollars in quarter ended September 30, from 42.4 million dollars at the same time in 2017. The sum of the revenue received 22.3 million dollars in quarter, up to 2.4% from the beginning of the year, up to 21.8 million US dollars. The profits of the company in the quarter accounted for almost half of this, at $ 11.1 million, from $ 10.3 million in the next year.

NantHealth wrote in the company's report that the company continues to make rapid improvements in the number of doctors that undertake tests designed to produce anti-virus data. Authorities have ordered 930 tests of GPS and Liquid virus in third quarter, according to its report.

But NantHealth President Patrick Soon-Shiong said on the company that investors and investors in Thursday and West have been offered numerous tests without reimbursement.

"As important funds are being restored, it is important for us to get the truth of the HIV virus," he said.

According to the report, NantHealth could expand the contract paid with a third-party medical examination system for the third time. The report does not mention anytime.

Bob Petrou, NantHealth has become the chief executive officer,

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NantHealth also reported a quarterly deficit of $ 22.9, compared to $ 26.3 million at the same time in 2017, which Petrou said he continued to try to keep the price. The loss of the company was about $ 11.8 million in quarter, more than $ 16 million in operation for the third year of 2017.

In August 2017, NantHealth sold a donor to the proceeds of the certificates, which the company said was part of the effort to force itself to develop and accelerate its plans to achieve significant benefits. The company also took nearly three-quarters of its staff at that time, after reporting on the losses,


He recently announced in June that he plans to provide the first aid this year for Nant's technology and technology company, which is developing anti-vaccine products.