Mystery: Analyze a person’s health from the palm of his hand

Mystery: Analyze a person’s health from the palm of his hand

As the saying goes, people’s hands and feet are another face of a person.

The internal diseases of the human body are not visible to the naked eye. Except for the special functions, experienced doctors can only analyze the internal diseases and the overall health of the body through external conditions.

After long-term development, traditional Chinese medicine has developed a four-diagnostic system that can be used to systematically judge a person’s health.

Especially looking for a doctor, I hope to see the most direct look of people, face, this is the most commonly used analytical skills, some doctors can also look at it, at a glance, around the body, head to On, it will show a kind of color.

secret: analyze a person's health from the palm of your hand The degree

is generally classified according to the five elements of the five Tibetan diseases, often divided into five colors, green red, yellow, white and black, and also see the thickness of this gas,

It is not a dark turbid illness, or a thin layer, which can analyze the health of the human body.

As long as it is tangible, you can explore the internal operating mechanism through the external form. As for the degree of error from the real situation, look at the doctor’s level.

The information is placed there, then the second face of the person, the palm is also a good observation object.

First of all, the hand is fat and thin, and the touch feels the temperature of the palm.

If it is a cold palm, it must be bloody, cold, bloody, yang, and can’t escape. Case.

Hands can also observe five colors.

One, yellow,

The palm is light yellow, and the luster is the normal color of our people. The yellow color is in comparison to the normal yellow weight gain. The appearance of yellow indicates that the blood volume of the human subcutaneous blood vessels is reduced, or the blood is not filled, or the external manifestations of skin malnutrition. If the skin of the palm is yellow, there may be some chronic diseases, such as chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic anemia, chronic colitis, malnutrition, etc.; if the palm is light yellow, but the skin becomes tough, not elastic, Smooth and dry, should pay more attention to congenital dominant chromosomal abnormalities, should look at the child’s external genital development abnormalities, such as boys with or without testicular development, penis is too short, and ask the family whether there is a similar situation, It is recommended to go to the hospital for chromosome examination; the skin of the palm of the hand is khaki, or it is grayish yellow, not shiny, but also the skin on the face and other parts of the body is also khaki, gray and tarnished, indicating that in the person There are bile drainage disorders in the body, such as chronic biliary tract, bile duct stricture, gallbladder, common bile duct cancer, pancreatic head cancer, etc., bile discharge is blocked, bile is deposited in the body for a long time, impregnated with skin and caused by yellow soil; or some visceral tumors In the late stage, long-term chronic poisoning, the palm can also be khaki; golden yellow, palm color bright yellow and bright, more common early liver disease patients Such as acute infectious hepatitis, jaundice, liver damage and other drug poisoning, so when discovered palm golden brown, should seek immediate medical attention, timely diagnosis.

secret: analyze a person's health from the palm of your hand Degree

Second, red,

The palm of the hand turns red, indicating that the subcutaneous blood vessels in the palm are filled with blood, and the blood flow is increased. The pale red and pink of ordinary people indicate the existence and development of the disease. If the palm color is too red or bright red, it indicates that there is high blood pressure, high blood pressure crisis, cerebral hemorrhage tendency, especially the previous symptoms of hypertension, and found that the palms turn red, or have a palm burning sensation, may be cerebral hemorrhage The aura should be dealt with in time to prevent any accidents; if the palm is originally red, it will turn into dark purple, indicating that the blood flow in the subcutaneous blood of the palm is strong and relatively full, but the heart is slowed down. Intravascular oxygen saturation is reduced and dark purple, which is a dangerous sign, indicating that heart disease has occurred, and the condition is critical. At this time, rescue treatment should be carried out as soon as possible. Do not move the patient indiscriminately to prevent sudden death.

Three, white,

This color indicates poor blood flow in the hand, subcutaneous blood flow is not full, or hemoglobin is too low.

The different parts of the palm and finger skin are white or pale, indicating different disease groups. For example, the skin of the palm is light and white, which is common in anemia, blood system diseases, chronic hemorrhagic diseases, malnutrition diseases, etc.; the palm color of the palm is white again, which may be caused by lung diseases or infectious diseases in the body; The pale index finger indicates hepatobiliary disease; the middle finger pale indicates cardiovascular disease; the pale finger indicates kidney and genital dysfunction; the little finger pale indicates gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Four, purple,

The palm is dark red or has purple spots. It is common in liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis. The blue-purple is the palm. Blood signs indicate that this part of the blood movement disorder is common in critically ill patients such as severe infection, heart failure, and shock.

Five, green,

The skin of the palm is green, more common in anemia and gastrointestinal diseases such as dyspepsia, chronic diarrhea, aplastic anemia, etc.; Vascular diseases such as heart failure, arteritis, atherosclerosis, myocarditis, etc. (The skin in the upper part of the picture shows green lesions in this organ.)

Six, black,

Black indicates kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, uremia and other diseases.

In addition to this, you can also observe the hand shape, such as the finger can not bend straight,

normal person’s finger movement is flexible, stretched freely. When you have certain diseases, the normal movement of your fingers can cause obstacles. At the same time, different finger bending changes can also indicate different diseases, such as thumb movement failure, not easy to bend, indicating high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, etc.; the tip of the index finger is deflected, the finger joint is enlarged, indicating the spleen and stomach The presence of disease and hepatobiliary disease; the middle finger deflection indicates dysfunction of the heart and small intestine; the fingerless head is deflected, suggesting urinary system disease; the little finger bending indicates gastrointestinal dysfunction.

secret: analyzing a person's health from the palm of your hand Degree

There are also cases where individual fingers have symptoms, swelling can not be straightened, or can not bend, then we can further examine the body’s disease.

Throat – a disease that reflects the respiratory system.

Index finger – reflects the disease of the digestive system, the big fish under the thumb reflects the rise and fall of digestive function.

Middle finger – a disease that reflects the circulatory system and the endocrine system.

The ring finger – a disease that reflects the nervous system and the endocrine system.

Little finger – a disease that reflects the circulatory system and the genitourinary system; the small fish below the little finger reflects the rise and fall of the kidney.

At the same time, you can also divide your palms to observe the condition of the viscera in the reflex zone,

secret: analyze the health of a person from the palm of your hand

Flexible, you can find a lot of interesting Correspondence.

At the same time, the diagnosis and treatment of things must be considered comprehensively, mutual proof, can not be brave, can rely on one aspect to get a full picture of the human health, it is somewhat proud.