My mind is still about the reality of my change

My mind is still about the reality of my change

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The food was not a long thing for me, even though I did not hear the words until 27 years old. But when I was 12, I realized I was 203.2lbs. I remember the number obviously because of the difficulty I had brought on that day. At the 8th grade I saw that I was crawling 200+ pounds, I lost away from myself. The 90 media reported that the fat was a social collapse and meant you were "less than that." Living in this lifestyle, I continued to eat and adapt to my "my folly" with cooling sugar and a very high percentage of diet.

When you are dating, the word "nutrition" has made me feel uncomfortable since I do not understand the exact meaning of what it means. I have been taught and I believe that the whole fat is bad, and the nutrients are healthy in my heart, that sanking was bad but the "fair" leaves were excluded. When we moved to the age of 17, we weighed 300lbs and felt sad. My food consists of lunch boxes, egg salads, coffee and fast food. I hate my body and the glasses that are not far away.

I've decided that I want to make a difference. In the next few years, I took "my body to submit" and added meals to the meal plan after the meal plan. I even took the pills (remember now) until the impact has resulted in me getting too much for me. I finished 60 weight loss, but my adrenal cost savings. I was dealing with a coffee that I did not sleep almost as I was working and training.

In 2011, I met and married my wonderful husband. He was already a physicist, and he helped me learn more about what he knew. It helped me to understand what he shared with me, but both we are still in the field of nutrition science and biology. Over the next three years, we are looking for answers to our health and wellbeing. One of the first sources we've shared (after watching all the food documents always) was your website. That year, I attended online Paleocon and I felt like I was drinking wood. We soon became the first possible recipient of our diet, as well as our lifestyle and exercise. We have shared the amazing results. Apart from weight and a strong sense, we realized our skin issues and lower metabolism. We also thought clearly, and our sleep was improved.

For 2015, I've been giving birth to my son, next year we have restored all the lost weight. After postpartum depression and anxiety were summarized daily and I started to eat unhealthy food again. In 2016, I came again 300lbs and felt my shame. I started going to regular therapy regularly and found on the CPTSD Problem Solving Problem Solution. I began to work closely with my therapist to eliminate my trauma and myomia by responding to anorexia nervosa, which could be a side effect of the problem.

However, we did not have a dysmorphic issue, however. At that time, I was given any food that I had restrained from eating if I tried to swallow. After a while, I was unable to eat meat because of digestion. However, it should stop the basic diet of eating at this time and it is what has left me in the hospital when it's difficult to eat. I chose soft food, and the blender was myie bestie. My ability to eat, and my diet is so full of Coconut Oil, Ghee, Avocados, Eggga & Green Grains and other vegetables and fruits.

I continued the therapy with the same meal and sometimes cut off my favorite budget offering paleo / keto chances. Over the last year, I watched my weight gain (followed by Dr. I am here today with 158lbs, and my mind is still coping with the reality of my change. I lost 100 pounds this year.

The combined treatment and flexibility of normal lifestyle has brought me to the place where I am today. I still learn about the woman's glasses, but I appreciate where I am. Thank you, Mark, give us a breath of fresh air on our journey and be a source of information and encouragement. You are part of the story of success.

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