Multi-party focus on the US industry certification

Multi-party focus on the US industry certification

Promoting the full process certification of “no dead ends”, for the beauty service industry, it is worthy of a “revolution”.

On June 6th, at the Symposium of Health and Beauty Innovation Service Experts held by China Quality Certification Center, relevant department heads, experts in the field of beauty, and operators of beauty institutions have formed a consensus – in scientific certification Under the guidance of the beauty service industry is expected to usher in scientific transformation and innovation and development and transformation.

To achieve healthy and orderly market development

The data shows that China’s beauty industry now has a working population of around 30 million and an output value of around 500 billion. In 2020, the output value will exceed 1 trillion. The demand for cosmetics in China has exceeded that of Japan and South Korea, ranking first in Asia; it ranks third in the world after the United States and France. Under the broad market prospects, experts at the conference believe that it is particularly important for the beauty service industry to maintain orderly and standardized development.

Wang Daning, former deputy director of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration, said that the “Quality Standard for Health and Beauty Services Certification” drafted by the China Quality Certification Center and the “Health and Beauty” magazine was the first in the nation. The Quality and Service Certification Standard (hereinafter referred to as the “Standard”) will be led by the China Quality Certification Center after the National Certification and Accreditation Administration has completed the audit and filing. At the same time, the industry’s authoritative media “Health and Beauty” magazine will jointly promote the project through complementary advantages. The orderly development of certification aims to promote the healthy development and quality upgrading of the beauty service industry that is adapted to the new era and new needs. Next, I hope that this certification service will go a long way and become an effective weapon for the relevant authorities to conduct service and supervision.

 Multi-party focus on the certification of the United States to survive the inferior trend

National Health and Wellness Commission Health and Family Planning Supervision Center Supervisory Office Fan Xiaohong

The recognition of the standard for the life and beauty industry was also recognized by Fan Xiaohong, Director of the Medical and Health Law Enforcement Supervision Department of the National Health Care Committee Supervision Center. She said that the beauty industry is meeting the needs of ordinary people for the United States. Through the certification of life beauty services, strengthening industry self-discipline and institutional autonomy, consumers can also see the legality of the organization, the legitimacy of personnel, and the use of product equipment. This not only meets the needs of the comprehensive supervision of after-the-fact supervision after the current “distribution service” proposed by the state, but also gives consumers more sense of gain and is conducive to the healthy and orderly development of the market.

At the symposium, relevant officials from the Beijing Food and Drug Administration, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the Beijing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce were also legally regulated from beauty products, consumer rights, personnel management, and beauty agencies. From the perspective of management, it explains the positive significance of certification for beauty service organizations to better adapt to market supervision and beneficial management:

Wu Zhong, deputy detachment leader of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s eclipse drug brigade said: “Certification, First, we can regulate the behavior of life and beauty services. Secondly, we can strengthen self-discipline of enterprises, check for consumers, and check for relevant government authorities. With the continuous development of certification work, consumers will be more assured and let our market Supervision is becoming more and more worry-free.”

Liu Bin, deputy director of the Consumer Protection Department of the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, stressed: “The contract between the beauty agency and the consumer is a contractual relationship, and the ‘certification’ clearly defines both It is an equal subject, and there is no strong problem of any party, which helps to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers in the course of beauty services.”

The Beijing Food and Drug Administration Song Ziyu particularly stressed: “There is no such thing. The concept of beauty food is only the concept of health food. There are more than a dozen functional foods currently involved in beauty salons, including: anti-oxidation, fatigue relief, lead discharge, sleep improvement, weight loss, improved growth and development, and increased bone density. , to chloasma, improve skin moisture, etc. Health foods are a special food range, the sale of food related products in the beauty salon requires a food business license, which has relevant requirements in the food law, requires special areas and shelves There is a special inspection system and a special training and evaluation system.”

Everyone believes that through the authoritative professional certification, there will be more and more “zero difference” beauty agencies that will give consumers peace of mind and market trust. .

Let the people who love beauty have more confidence

At the beginning of this year, according to the “Standard”, Angema, Luomanmei, Narcissus, Randolph After 10 beauty institutions passed the certification, it became the first “industry leader” to reach the 5A standard.

This certification is carried out by the China Quality Certification Center, which is the “national team” for quality certification. Its authority is self-evident. You Anjun, director of the China Quality Certification Center System Certification Management Office, said that the certification is aptly called the letter of credit for the market economy, the medical certificate for quality management and the passport for international trade. After the first batch of health and beauty service certifications over two years, after a series of certification processes such as training, document review and on-site review, we expect the first batch of health and beauty service certifications to promote the healthy development of the industry and provide a regulatory basis for industry regulators. . We believe that the implementation of the health and beauty service certification can guarantee the interests of all parties in a fair and equitable manner, so that the management has rules to follow and the practitioners have standards to follow, thus achieving the orderly development of the health and beauty industry.

 Multi-party focus on the beauty of the industry to survive the inferior trend of the trend

China Quality Certification Center System Certification Management Division Director You Anjun

“Health and beauty service certification is an innovation and one of the guarantees for Chinese people to be more beautiful.” Zhang Xiaoyuan, Minister of Publicity of the All-China Women’s Federation, suggested that the public awareness rate of certification standards and certification procedures should be further improved, and certification and dissemination will be Incorporating into one, through the power of the media, certification must become a symbol of the status of the beauty industry, and also become a guide for consumers to find a reliable beauty agency. “We hope that there will be more “people who love beauty” who are more comfortable and more comfortable to walk into the scientifically certified beauty institutions. When they give their beautiful face to the beautician, they have a deeper psychological foundation.”

The first batch of “5A” has become a benchmark in the industry

“Currently, the first 10A-level beauty agencies have formed a ‘zero negative’ square.” Duan Jinghua, president of the magazine “Health and Beauty” and director of the Health and Beauty Branch of the National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association, said: “In the recent negative information of many beauty industry, these 10 organizations have become the positive energy of today’s high-end quality beauty services. ‘Representative. They have won the respect of the industry and won the respect of many beauty consumers. Right now, it is the beginning of an important beauty season of the year, and its benchmarking effect and its important leading value are beginning to appear.”

multiple focus The US industry certification is the trend of the survival of the fittest

Duan Jinghua, President of the Health and Beauty Magazine and President of the Health and Beauty Branch of the National Health Industry Association

As the first representative of the 5A organization, Ma Wenjun of Angema Beauty Institute said: “Angema has become the industry benchmark because of ‘high standards and strict requirements’. This time, through the scientific and rigorous certification assessment process, we have once again carried out a comprehensive review to make our service and management level Unprecedented optimization and improvement.”

Zhang Xuemei, general manager of Luomanmeiyan, shared his experience of “reinventing” through “all-round certification”. “It can be said that experiencing such a certification not only makes Luoman’s employees more honorable, but also reshapes our corporate culture and business methods.” She said that since 2018, Luo Man has no longer used business for the first time. The amount of growth is the standard to assess employees, and instead focus on “cultivating internal strengths” within the framework of the Standards. What makes Zhang Xuemei happy is: “I didn’t expect this effect to be very good. According to various business data, our business volume is steadily improving.”

Li Xinyi, general manager of Narcissus Beauty, said: “I am very lucky. The brand has received such honors during the initial stage of the brand. Through certification, we are more confident in our customers, customers are more assured of our services, and even employees are very proud. So by this meeting, I also appeal to the vast number of peers. Friends actively participate in the quality and service certification of our beauty salons, and work together to promote the healthy development of the industry.”

The general manager of Randolph Zheng Huixin said: “Become a successful beauty agency, not just a beauty agency. To qualify for ‘5A level’, more opportunities for learning and promotion. In order to better match this qualification, we have recently increased our investment in the storefront renovation, further enhancing the taste of the store, through the certification publicity, we The confidence of our employees has increased, and our customers’ trust has become stronger. This has enabled us to quickly close the distance with our customers and complete mutual understanding faster. Certification, I think more of this is based on the sense of mission of the company, has the responsibility to take responsibility, dare to be a pioneer in the industry, leading the positive development of the beauty service industry.”

This symposium was officially announced On the basis of the accumulation of the first batch of certifications, a new round of certification will be launched for more beauty institutions that are willing to implement transformation and upgrade and join the industry “leaders” team.

Medical beauty and raw beauty are expected to be benign interaction

The establishment and implementation of the “Standard” has also been praised by the participating medical beauty experts. Liu Wei, director of the Institute of Dermatology and the director of the dermatology hospital of the Air Force General Hospital, said that from the perspective of medical beauty, this “standard” is also very professional, which is conducive to the quality of the beauty business.

Director of the Department of Dermatology, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Ph.D., Vice-President of the Dermatology Branch of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association/Department of Beauty and Plastic Surgeons, and Liu Yuzhe, Professor of Plastic Surgery, Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University The beauty institutions that have been certified under the “Standard” framework will be able to better interface with medical beauty and achieve a positive interaction between the two.

Certification and Upgrade Outlook Internationalization

“‘Health and Beauty Service Certification is an inevitable requirement for China’s economic and social development to the present stage, and it is also an icebreaker at the level of industry mechanism. The journey and innovation will undoubtedly have the significance of promoting the innovation, transformation and upgrading of China’s beauty service industry.” Duan Jinghua, the president of “Health and Beauty” magazine, also stated from his own media: “Health and “Beauty”, as a loyal service provider and disseminator who has been in the domestic beauty industry for 26 years, will live up to the expectations of the government and the government, and cooperate with the certification work.

“To meet the growing pursuit of a better life, the health and beauty industry is becoming more and more standardized, standardized and safe.” The former deputy director of the International Standards and Regulations Center of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China Guo Lisheng, senior consultant of the Entry Inspection and Quarantine Association, also said: At present, health and beauty is still a blank in international standards and international certification. At this time, China’s beauty industry will become the standard setter in this field and become an industry leader. Really take the lead in the road of internationalization.