Most NextGen ACOs received Medicare cash prizes in 2017

Most NextGen ACOs received Medicare cash prizes in 2017

Medicare The next mathematician organizations provided $ 129 million in CMS revenues in 2017, raising about 3.3 million dollars in cash that could cover the cost of pricing and achieve accurate data, According to CMS on Friday, # 39; a.

Of the 44 participants, 32 credits received in 2017, compared to 11 out of 18, or 61%, in 2016, the first program was planned. The next ACO Center for Salvation $ 62 billion this year.

ACO projects donate Medicare $ 1.2 million in 2017.

The next step is CMS and most of ACO's financial crisis conflicts, which will be organized for at least five years. Secretary HHS Alex Azar and the CMS Administrator Seema Verma said they wanted to quickly move to debt, and the next plan became an integral part of this campaign. The ACO blues enter into 2018.

"This is a promise in the way that Medicare is saving money while most of the participants are getting more money," said David Muhlestein, senior researcher at Leavitt Partners, CMS ACO guidelines.

Most of the CMS-set benchmark operators were UniPhy ACO at 12.6%, the North Health Department was 8.2%, and Bellin Health Physicians Partners at 7.7%.

Those who suffer from a large amount of money, which will return to CMS, is the Optim Accountable Care at -4.8%, Hill-based physicians at -4.7%, and Healthview Health Services at -3.3%.

The next ACOs receiving the highest grant is the UT Southwestern Accountable Care Network, which made $ 29.2 million, Deaconness Management and Debt Management, which collected $ 16.1 million, and Atrius Health, earning $ 15 million.

The total revenue received for ACOs 32 million was $ 200m.

Heavy losses were Optim Accountable Care at $ 14.4 million, Hill Physicians Medical Group at $ 9.3 million, and ACO National at $ 6.5 million. The 12 ACO loan loans dropped to 57.4 percent.

Experts say ACO has succeeded by getting doctors, hospitals, and other volunteers to work together to ensure that patients, especially those with serious emotional stresses, have the first priority to protect themselves from the hospital. and the emergency room and the delivery of a superior position to take care of. Reasons to do this so they can pay for the loss of hospitals paying their income from decreasing entry and emergency services.

The next ACO party will receive more financial losses than the Medicare ACD Fund Advice Fund, which most non-governmental organizations have not encountered. On Friday, CMS completed a new law that required Shared Savings ACOs to invest in a short-term cash flow or out of the program.

The results of the ACO Shari'ah Scheme were higher than the results of the next, with about one-quarter of the ACO Advisory Fund which received a fairly positive and cost-effective pricing bill in 2017.

Muhlestein said that it is possible to rely on the positive results of 2017, CMS will work next to the movement of the next product from Medicare and Medicaid Innovation specialized Medicare program and invitations to organizations many to sign in.

But seven ACOs left the next Generation program early this year, with a reduction in the changes in the program, including the process of coordinating. Twenty-nine Articles The following ACOs formed a joint venture in September to seek advice on CMS policies that would enable ACO to maintain a long-term basis.

There is no guarantee whether the Medicare ACMI's ACMI ACMI Program, with the payment of fees and other proceeds of value, will continue if the Decision is decisive. 14 convicted a Texas law enforcement court to strike all the Shake Law. . This is due to the 2010 health law permit and paid for the Innovation Institute.