Medicare's professional reports are required by HHS general supervisor

Medicare's professional reports are required by HHS general supervisor

The CMS's use to correct the payment of the hospital often is incorrect, resulting in at least $ 140.5 million in 272 hospitals from 2014 to 2017, according to a new report from HHS & # 39; Inspector General.

Reports from OIG of Tuesday have suggested reducing cost pricing to adjust most of the situation.

CMS does not have the power to decide for hospitals that provide full-time salary and specialized medical care services to Medicare patients who do not receive accurate information, reports received. Local unemployment rates and unforeseen earnings reduce the efficiency of the equipment, according to OIG.

Although the system has financial intermediaries, which means that Medicare is unsafe, some illegal hospitals have received a lot of money while others have taken a little. However, about 140.5 million US dollars is the result of the five-year survey of the company.

"Adjusting payments can affect the quality of the clinic at the border," said Judith Reilly, Secretary General of OIG.

The bill receives a salary, a combination associated with a calculation from Medicare hospitals and hospitals for funding to hospitals. It also applies to the cost of living as it provides for a debt repayment, which means the highest hospital could affect the area tax rates and lower operating expenses.

Medicare medical staff have a 11-week breakdown to report to any databases. But the limits and depth of such studies are limited, according to the report. CMS also can not re-fix the final payment terms and then return the payment or payment.

For example, contractors did not realize that the Danbury Hospital (Conn.) Provided detailed information. The medical service increased by about $ 5 million and about 9,900 in your budget, causing Medicare to pass over Danbury Hospital and five other hospitals in its 999,000 area in 2014, the report said.

Hospitals can provide a lot of resources to utilize the system to increase their budget, says Dave Lamir, regional coordinator for HHS & # 39;

"They want to control their destiny at some level," he said.

Salary calculations are a source of controversy for rural hospitals, where prices and prices are worth living, and therefore the cost of paying, usually reduces. Bill, which was created in the 1980's, caused hospitals to collapse, hospitals arguing.

The rural geographical system has confirmed that the salary signals used at hospitals can not be less than rural payroll documents. The aim is to prevent more hospitalized hospitals than the highest hospital in the state.

But Medicare's Budget Advisory Act states that policies have been set up on the false skepticism that revenue from the hospital in all businesses operating in villages usually exceeded the cost of hospital in the rural areas. CMS also stated that the rural sector had the potential to benefit the small states in most states, including states in the rural areas.

Except for the Career Care Act, CMS demands that any payment through standard taxes should apply the cost, or have no budget, in the state. But now that the budget adjustment is below, errors in the local clinic can have a national impact. In the year 2018, hospitals received 0.67 percent of their markings to oversee international budgetary budgets, according to the OIG report.

In Massachusetts, at least 36 hospital hospitals will be charged on the Nantucket hospital, at home only in the rural hospital offering a tax donation in the state. The CMS estimates that 36 hospitals will receive more than $ 44 million in payment.

These increases are not dependent on actual home payment but on the needs of rural taxation. Payment can lead to decrease in other states across the country.

Nantucket Cottage Hospital also paid a full-time salary for 2015, which led to 133.7 million US dollars to all 56 hospitals in Massachusetts.

"The actual rural measures are not linked to prices and prices," Reilly said. "It's a natural law."

Food that can not harm is nothing more important.

In 1989, the council created a calculation system where hospitals could be assessed to a larger area if they had to comply with some rules, including that more than half of the hospital services had to be settled in the requested area. .

Unprotected materials were provided to protect hospitals from receiving salaries when hospitals returned to another area. However, reclassified clinical signs are used to determine the signs of the old trade and the new market, which are inevitable, according to the OIG report.

The report reported Sutter Health affiliate Alta Bates Summit Medical Institute that has been used for a tax payroll for its native and regional region, as well as entering 100% in all operating markets, which is impossible, OIG has that.

Also, because Alta Bates provided a full subscription, Medicare paid $ 154,000 to Alta Bates, $ 1.85 million to 13 other hospitals in her area, and 3.4 million dollars to 19 other hospitals in 2014. .

"These have been built in the system as hospital procedures take full responsibility, protecting those who are inappropriate." They do what they have been allowed to do, "Reilly said." But MedPAC said they had altered the system of salary as a way to make a payment. "

In 2012, HHS secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, provided a way to pay a subscription fee,

a]in hospitals, by using databases, to set up a pricing rate for each hospital, rather than higher business. Appropriate listing will apply to small business premises and only includes financial information from hospitals that are used in this area.

The moment of success, which CMS is currently experiencing, OIG proposes a lot to improve the mark. The CMS has asked agencies to decide on hospitals who pay pay and work with Medicare medical staff to provide comprehensive payment programs for various hospitals each year. who launched their business finances, OIG said.

CMS also sought a law that destroyed rural areas and non-damage. Shortly after the suspension, CMS should aim to revoke unsuccessful assets regarding the payment of the registered hospitals. Or, he should do more than solve any unnecessary policies to use the registered medical account registration account for the original payroll calculation.

The CMS said it would do more than any of the recommendations but lasted, indicating that using information "from most hospitals to calculate the value of the rate of earnings provided by both & # 39 , the most balanced rating. "

"And the immediate payday payment system is to pay health care perfect health care providers for good care," Reilly said. "If not paying their debt based on the cost of the system, it does not work as it does."