Medicaid medicine provides a success for CMS

Medicaid medicine provides a success for CMS

A federal partnership aimed at reducing childbirth and improving the effects of infants and pregnant women on Medicaid has succeeded, according to the latest research.

The Early Childhood Initiative Initiative began in 2013 and ended last year. The program includes 211 communities in 32 states, Columbia Columbia and Puerto Rico. Participants include hospitals, health care systems, health care centers and health centers.

Under the auspices, drugs changed their care to focus on ways of focusing on cost and it was difficult. These tasks may include upgrading or performing C release without a doctor.

Instead they focus on educating patients about food, exercise, birth control, nursing and family planning programs.

The import rate for women with strong strength reached $ 6,527 in average, which was $ 1.759 less than what was spent on women in the program, according to a report released on Friday.

Expenditure from delivery until birthday birth is only $ 10,562 for women entering the Final Strength, compared to $ 12,572 for women and infants in the group comparison.

"For Medicaid medicine, the good way is that if most pregnant people are involved (in this program) to care for their childhood, they can usually get the best results, and, as a result, the plan can save money, "the report said. .

In average, Medicaid only pays over 43% of all birth, according to federal data. The report covers about 60% in states such as Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Between 2000 and 2014, female mortality rates, which have been described as the death of a female during its pregnancy or during one year after the last days, increased by 26 percent in the United States, according to the statement federal.