"Meat Big" Burger (and Provider)

"Meat Big" Burger (and Provider)

We are calling this bad boy's boyfriend "Booty Ba" Barker is not because he is a big wicker of cow's meat (though it is due). With two wild loafs, two slices of jam, pickles, shredded salads and "special sauces" -a.k.a. Primal Kitchen® Thousand Island Dressing, you might just think of "Burger Big M-" now. (Wink.)

Although it may be recorded in some Big Big memories, fast food has not found Primal Giant. With omega-3 meatballs & cats rich in pork, pork & pink, Primal Kitchen-based fats, and unprofessional, not found, you Enjoy all the good things to remember … And do not forget to go to a donor (the details below) in a special package of "Primal Kitchen" and "Quality Unbun".

Services: 2

Kitchen Time: 20 minutes



Mix the loaf & pepper in the salt and pepper. Divide the beef in four rows, and place them in pieces. (Keep the soft thin section, as it "does not go" while cooking.)

Grill or nose about 6-8 minutes, depending on the preference and thickness.

Put the cooked cookies in the dish, and each with a grated cheese. Put a drop of water in each slice and cover the container with the main lid of the water (then the water creates the glass to help the bottle).

Foods, they are spread out in the sliced ​​portion of each container with butter or cream and griddle to toasted.

To add sesame seeds to a brush, with a white egg and sprinkle the seeds. Bake 2 minutes to 275 ºF / 135 ºC until the white boiled egg.

Put one dipped bird in the lower trash. Add a shredded lettuce, coconut slices and one teaspoon of Primal Primal Kushi. Avoid second and wheat, clothes and pickles. Then add the high milk. Also make a second burger. Enjoy!

Nutrition Information (units):

  • Calories: 750
  • Cell: 21.8 grams
  • Fat: 61.2 grams
  • Protein: 27.2 grams

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