Mayo Clinic receives $ 200m from the Michigan prize

Mayo Clinic receives $ 200m from the Michigan prize

An expert from Michigan gave Mayo Clinic the best gift – 200 million dollars.

The Rochester Institute announced Tuesday that it will be called Medicine School for the Global Adviser, Jay Alix, Birmingham, Michigan. He was also named to mayo mai Mayo Mayor.

Alix said his birth in Mayo began in the 1980's when he was studying the business plan while creating what would be the AlixPartners, the company that proposed. Alix has invested millions of naira in recent years to improve clinical care. The gift of a new record means helping to prepare a medical school for the future and to get the knowledge of the smallest doctor.

"This award will be a long-term impact on our education and medical education so that our students can improve patient care, acceleration and research," Mayo's president and Commander Commander Dr. Well, he said in a statement.

Alix says he is concerned about the medical status of doctors to eliminate doctors. He also wants to help Mayo prepare a medical school for the future.

"We need a lot of doctors and we need those doctors to be better and better," Alix said.

Medical school cost in Mayo approximately $ 50,000 per year. The gift will increase the number of teachers to reduce medical attendance.

Alix wants Mayo to use his gift to build new medical programs in technology, such as artificial skills.

"Tomorrow doctors can be the doctor we need," he said.

Of the Alix $ 200 million gift, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine is repeated at Mayo Clinic's Alix Clinic.