Matter decision-making issue

Matter decision-making issue

We all feel like we give up sometimes. How fun it is when not doing the right thing to do
do. To skip the exercise. Call in sick Eat everything. Say, “Yes
it, "or," is irrelevant. ”For today. And it is possible

I'm not mine, right?

Despite our direct desire to withstand or abstain from impending work, we all feel that doing (putting in work that you do not want to do) will make us happy. Even our heart is not in it. Even if it is a C ++ function.

Simplified work is a success

The reason why so many people don't change is because we are
they do not want to experience discomfort. What & # 39; s a discomfort
when can you be one?

I love what climate change expert James Clear has
to say about discomfort…

Depending on the time in the al & # 39; s day or week, almost all the al & # 39; s you run out of time quickly. The train ride will last an hour or two. Your report will be published tomorrow morning. This article will be completed in a short time.

Life is easier now than it ever was. 300 years ago, if you did not spend your own food and build your own house, you would die. Today, we are going to complain about forgetting our iPhone charge.

Maintain your perspective. Your life is good and your discomfort is temporary. Step into this moment of discomfort and let it encourage you.

Our first reaction is to resist discomfort. To complain about it. Take care of it. Make it bigger than it really is.

This method will give you weight. Quick.

Being calm with the little discomfort needed for a change puts you in the game. Instead of worry + resist + who I am – call it inside. Take it down. Looking forward to it.

Those eyes?

Is that so. Because on the other side of the discomfort for a while
something that you can really enjoy. On the other hand it is
success and success.

Our daily lives consist of thousands of small decisions to either provide immediate relief or experience discomfort in training. Your life is the sum of these little options.

💙 Robyn

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