Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots | Paleo Grubs

Maple Glazed Roasted Carrots | Paleo Grubs

This recipe for Maple glazed roasted carrots is every bit as comfortable as the sound! Add garlic, thyme, and maple syrup to carrots and cut into ¼ inch of round round, with only a large amount of olive oil, salt and pepper, carrots may be perhaps a good bad snack. Since I was trying hard, I could not afford it, and I'm sure you'll have this kind of way.

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Let's take a second and talk about carrots and why they can be a perfect diet diet. They provide a delicious amount of protein while it is filled with vitamins and even more. They have much in antioxidants, and this is actually where they get their pictures from – antioxidants known as carotenoids. One carotenoid is beta carotene, which will not help you be a good skin, good light, but is eliminated from various diseases, including cancer and heart disease. (1) Beta carotene and a subscriber to vitamin A. In fact, it has been transformed into vitamin A into your body, providing its benefits, immune system, and your vision. (2)

Maple Syrup – A Paleo Sweetener

Carrots are clearly quite fine and perfectly comfortable on them. However, once you coat them in a maple syrup glaze and coat them with garlic and thyme? Flavoring is the perfect atmosphere. As i like honey, I prefer to use maple syrup as a sweet dessert. I like the best taste, although they are all the perfect options for lovers who are filled with antioxidants and food products. As it is added, the maple syrup is not well on the glycemic index as well.

Garlic and garlic around the recipe, as each cooked their food for this meal. After glazing the carrots in the maple syrup, take them with garlic and thyme with other ingredients. Bake them as long enough until the car is good and tender, usually for about 20 minutes or so. And when they come out? Be prepared to get your nirvana experience safe.

I mentioned it above, but this is just a good meal. I never tested the car as this recipe does. It actually combines rooms with flavors in one dining room. You will not believe it so much unless you try it for yourself.

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