A lawyer in Maine on Wednesday ruled that Gov. Paul LePage has to implement the expansion of Medicaid and voters over 39 years ago last year. LePage did not accept the law of about 60% of the Maine voters in November 2017, and it should be started on July 2.

Magistrate Magistrate Mikael Murphy orders LePage to follow Dec. 5.

"Although the governor may believe in misunderstandings and does not comply with the Act on politics, he may disregard the needs of the people and will not take any action in order to achieve the objectives of the policy," Murphy wrote in the page page. 21.

The law ordered the state to take action on July 2, 2018, on July 2, which would allow the parties to cease violence after that due date to repay any loan.

LePage stressed that the state could not support the expansion, which would cost about 70,000 people in Maine and approximately $ 55million a year.

However, General Mills, Governor of Maine State, General Mills, said it was important to implement it after it took office in January.

LePage's office told reporters that the governor was planning to make a decision.