Magistrates refuse to accept a referendum in the world

Magistrates refuse to accept a referendum in the world

The voters voted on Tuesday that they would set up an unprecedented program in the world, caring for the elderly and the sick who needed help with the team. at least one function of daily life.

Question 1 will create a new system for generating a free gift at home for anyone who needs to take care of a long time, regardless of income level. The tax rate was increased by 3.8% on residents receiving more than $ 128,400 a year.

The Global Monitoring Program, the first such program in the country, will cover about 27,000 people in Maine, the largest population in the country. Plans are designed to improve the cost and improve the quality of home-based, non-productive and affordable homework. Family carers deserve to receive a loan.

Opponents, including the Maine Hospital Association and long-term care staff, claimed that the plan would expel doctors and other freelance professionals from the state by doing taxes and taxes. They also highlighted the importance of this new new program with Medaid long-term care projects in the state.

"We want home care and we do not want to be there to care for home care," said Jeffrey Austin, vice president of the Maine Hospital. " But this is a bad idea of ​​tax, domestic and constitutional care. "

Despite the lack of success, elections can make such a process,

states, which face similar challenges with access to home care and skills as adults and patients grow.

The Career Care Act needs to address these issues through a long-term care plan, but the Assembly ends with it because of lack of funding.

This plan is needed in Maine because the majority of the people have been caring for them or have taken care of home, says Mike Tipping, the director of the Mainers for Home Care, who supports the cooperation including Maine State Nurses Association, co-operative organizations, and advocacy organizations. The organization now plans to seek a law to expand access to home care services.

Managing care for homeless people often does not work on women, which can provide services and job opportunities. "We hear from people across the country that seeing this election is a way to solve the problem," Tipping said.