Low Metabolism Is Greater Than You Speak

Low Metabolism Is Greater Than You Speak

Shaun Chavis

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A few months ago, after having been on a diet of 1,700-calories for a while and I was launching a heavy rock, the boy said, "You do not have to eat too much.

Google is "slow at ease" and you get a language like, "There's such a thing as a car accident … but it's hard." (Code for: "You, potato!") And this is what I've taken. I never thought I was being diagnosed. It's very good. If you say you have a lot of peace, it's best to play, or maybe people around you to turn their eyes on.

Most people-even healthcare professionals suspected of caring for children and prostitutes-are suspected of being suspected of being delayed by a virus or other bacterial problems wishing to be excused.

However, I decided to follow it with the young man's advice. I learned that I could check my wife by using a calorimeter for $ 90 at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) EatRight Weight Services. (Around the country, such a test will cost me from $ 40 to $ 100. Some relevant organizations now offer it as part of the package when you log in.) Testing is easy: you're lying for about 10-15 minutes, prepare for nose and breathing tube, still relax for 10 minutes.

I did not expect the test to tell me anything except "OK." But over the last few weeks until I met, the boy's suggestion started to work in my heart. He introduced a long-standing question, a question I took to the lower part of my mind: Why have I been so worried since 6 years? Is there something wrong?

After a 10-minute test, the cooked cooker pulled out a paper and sat beside me to explain the results: her deformity was 33% more than normal for women, old, and heavy. .

33% insight!

Thus, this is how to translate into calories: A woman who is old, tall, and heavy with herbal system has the origin of a disability for about 1,812 calories. Add to regular routine and exercise, and the woman will burn up to 2,100 to 2,000 dollars per day (depends on what she does and how she works).

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Depression rates are 1,224 calories. Increase in activity and take part in exercise, and I offer about 1,717 calories a day. It is not surprising to see the result with the eating of 1,700 calories-what the body needs to care for. And if I follow the American dietary rules for clean food (eating between 2,000 and 2,300 calories per day), I'll find a pamphlet a week! Depending on my findings, the weight of my weight is 1,000 to 1,224 calories a day.

Newspaper journalists activated and interviewed questions (that is, after I succeeded as a result of the test). Question 1: We always feel that a slow car is difficult, but how difficult is it? Is there a dose? I started searching, searching, and contacting the professionals.

"This is just a fantastic thought that a slow break is not a wonderful thing. I look there and say, # 39; According to what? For some of the people I saw, about half they have more confidence than you can imagine in terms of age, age, weight, and gender, "said Shawn Talbott, PhD, biologist in Salt Lake City. Talbott was the author Cortisol Association, who wrote about how the movement can slow down your life, and has a degree in physical, physical, and medical degrees. He also taught nutrition at Jami University & Utah.

Talbott often recommends a living test and uses it to give people valuable information and good intentions to achieve their goals. Suggestion: If you feel like eating a meal like your friends and you'll get a heavy weight when they do not, or feel like you do not get the results with your diet, look at your car.

"It shows you the amount of energy your body is, sets some limits, gives people some everyday goals. [I test], this is a vision, especially for women. They look at him and they go, laughing at me? May I eat just a lot? & # 39; But if you do not get this hair, you do not have any idea, and you will continue to struggle at all times. "

And Dr. Talbott's Law is calm for a slow car:

  • Road to boat twice or three times a week. Increase your strength by adding muscle, and prevent loss as heavy as you lose weight. (Otherwise, your product can download as much as you lose weight.)
  • Telephone. Instead of the slightest courage, fatigue, walk, speed, or cycle speed for a minute or two, make these move fast for a minute or two, and keep moving. "It burns more calories and protects your energy than you are in the minor," Talbott said.
  • Take multivitamin. "For patients who eat more than 1,500 meals a day, even if you eat good food, you are at the very moment you can not find enough vitamins, nutrients, and body supplies because your diet does not not enough, "he said.
  • Use the "help" method by managing control:

  1. Open your hand and stretch your fingers as far as possible. This is the amount of fruit and vegetables you should eat at a meal.
  2. Make a handbrake. This also applies to companies that are concentrated such as pasta, oatmeal, or bread.
  3. See the size of the palm. This is your protein-hamburger patty, chicken chicken, eggs, fish, and so on.
  4. Mark "OK" with your finger and finger. This is abundant, like olive oil and salad.
  5. For most people with small hands, if you are one of these steps at each meal, you will eat about 400 calories. For those with high hands, about 600 calories.

But I will return to UAB for more help. Although I was a restaurant editor, I knew that it was hard to get all the food I needed-and enjoy-without eating unhealthy meals and a little out of support to start me up. UAB's Right Plan Program is in such a need, however, that it will be March before I come back. I will work with the doctor, registered doctor, psychologist, and communist doctor.

Until then, I enjoyed a gymnasium at the gymnasium and stole some 1,250-calories from a Health– like us "Eat what you crave" plan. (Our food is continued from the eaters named, and it is the one who trained it-the world is right!