Love Relationship Week – Edition 72

Love Relationship Week – Edition 72

Investigation of the Week

High blood pressure makes the coronavirus more dangerous.

How does maternal obesity affect the offspring.

For women with PCOS, those who walk carb have better insulin sensitivity.

Homo erectus was really good at enduring water-free hunting.

Dietary salt reduces the effects of metabolism on high-fat rice diet in rats.

Low calories are safe for obese patients with mild kidneys who want to lose weight.

Old Blueprint New Podcast

Podcast Primary Blueprint

Episode 385: The First Revolution: Guest host Brad Kearns to talk about how the foundations of # 39 have changed in the game of resilience – and how they can change your health and performance.

Podcast Primary Blueprint

Episode 386: Catharine Arnston: Host Elle Russ chats with Catharine Arnston, chief executive and founder of ENERGYbits – a company that makes nutritious algae pills.

Post Office of Primary Health Training

First Health Training Radio, Lesson 51: Laura and Erin discuss Brad Kearns with the long-term benefits and lasting benefits of keto diet.

Media, Schmedia

The transfer of Fecal is not dangerous.

The lobbyists are suing California for failing to list processed meat such as cancer.

Interesting pages in Blogs

How is it like to have a "mild" case of novel coronavirus?

Digital still.

Social Articles

Natalie Grasso Success Course Health Training Course: "It helped me get out of my way."

When preventing oxalate stress.

Everything else

The rate of death may be weighted.

When analyzing the “health” of food, consumers are more likely to worry about sugar than other components such as saturated fat or salt. Next: seed oils!

It's the perfect time to buy lobster.

This is ridiculous.

Things that are mine and what I am interested in

Growth performance I wonder: Using a variety of methods, grazing cattle looga go & # 39; s all require 250 acres to cattle & # 39; s all require only 20 wilderness Chihuahua, Mexico.

Discussion I found a contradiction for the first time: How can coronavirus save lives in China.

The article I found interesting: Why are the children (supposed) saved?

I got a Twitter twist: Confirmation of facts about coronavirus.

Previous studies I have not seen much have been learned: Animal studies show that taking anti-depressants (fever-reducing medication) during influenza increases mortality. Is the fever appropriate?

Question I am asking

You probably noticed a lot of coronavirus today. Sorry about that. There was not much else to share. I am very much in love with everyone and everything focused on a single topic.

Next week we'll be doing a Markus Dear. Do you have any questions about coronavirus? I am very limited in what I can respond to with any amount of experience, but I can really give my opinion.

Recipe section

  • Cars cakes, or krabby patches.
  • One pan, some chicken, and a bunch of turkey.

Time for capsule

One year ago (Mar 8-Mar 14)

  • Ultimate Guide to Non-Breastfeeding – About "Milk."
  • What is “Diet of Death” (and How Does It Matter?) – Well, what is it?

Weekly Comment

Article & # 39; coronavirus & # 39; he appears in a strange and deliberate case of a man with a PhD in his name. Experts have experienced disorders that indicate the importance of slowing the spread because it will quickly and completely overwhelm our health system. Basically, people who are seriously ill will go away very quickly, the virus will upset all our hospitals, full of particularly vulnerable people, and high-quality living facilities of any kind will be scenes of trauma. shockingly, at least modern standards have become a habit. I think rational people can conclude this is a situation worth trying. ”

– Good place, DBW.

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