Love of the Week – Relationship 45

Love of the Week – Relationship 45

Investigation of the Week

Measles can destroy the immune system against other diseases.

Taking growth hormone, metformin, and DHEA seems to have changed the signs of aging in humans.

Green extension will reduce the temperature of the dry climate, but not the humid ones.

Alcohol into the tumor kills.

The health effects of severe vaccination.

A low-carb diet improves your metabolism and firefighters performance.

Much of the difference between male and female mathematics and science can be explained by girls' ability to read.

Invasive fiber can be associated with an increased risk of skin cancer deaths.

The pre-eating window (from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.) raises glucose levels, independence, and function in the human circulation.

The First Blueprint Podcast

Section 370: Flow Qulqulaha: Guest called Brad Kearns welcomes dudeka Spellings and return the image to looga to exposure to cold and balance life / training.

Section 371: Matt Walden: I welcome you to Matt Walden's audio site to discuss the two papers we have written about Ancestral Relaxation and how it affects our health.

Part 372: Brad Q&A: Brad Kearns answers your questions.

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Media, Schmedia

Johns Hopkins has opened a new center for brain studies.

Do not live on French fries, potato chips, and cookware.

Interesting pages in Blogs

It's too late as you think.

Severely. It is. Go straight ahead.

Why do black and light skin come out?

Social Articles

What really stressful.

Did you know I do Q&A according to MDA Instagram every Wednesday morning?

Everything else

Served with some terrific pasta sauces (which are more than pasta).

Reusable duodenoscopes (internal cameras used in hospitals) make people sick. It can only be washed by hand, but not enough.

How people learn how to safely cook and eat poisonous plants.

Can radiation renew the brain?

Success in the plaintiff will set a bad example.

Things that are mine and what I am interested in

Podcast I enjoyed: Dr. William Davis on Fat Emperor Podcast.

I found the article interesting: You don't have to play with your kids.

I'm sure no one could have predicted something like this: Scientists mistakenly inserted the antibiotic-resistant bacterial genes.

Good milk is taking the "red meat in public policy" question: "Do dietary guidelines suggest reducing red meat?"

This is a powerful story: The shocking truth about the statue – supposedly, a feast of impacts, of action.

Question I am asking

What are you worried about? Write at least 3-4 sentences that fully explain and I think some of them will melt.

Recipe section

  • BBQ pork chops with loose beans. Leave the beans aside if needed.
  • Mojo pork chops to get one mojo.

Time for capsule

One year ago (Sep 1 Sep 7)

  • Round & # 39; Proke Shake Roundup & # 39;: 15 Paleo and Recipes Recipes – Some Thoughts.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Women's Hormone replacement therapy – To help you make an informed decision.

Weekly Comment

“At one point in time, when the doctors said to my husband, his spear is very clean and strong! What do you use to brush? My husband answered me, are you joking? Who does the dog brush the dog ?? When he finished laughing he told the raw bones. The veterinarian said nothing. He has not tried to sell the pricey item in the box even though… ”

– Well done, husband Jennifer.

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