Love of the Week – 55th Anniversary

Love of the Week – 55th Anniversary

Investigation of the Week

Toxic substances caused by specific gastric bacteria can make alcohol worse in your liver.

To live longer, take extra rest (but work that rest).

Taken together, these findings suggest that humans shut down genetically engineered regions to produce fatty foods while chimpanzees are open to genetic regions to produce sugary foods.

Keto improves cognitive function in HIV patients.

Anti-depressants improve depression.

The First Blueprint Podcast

Event 389: Ginny Gane and Cassie Parks: Ginny Gane and Cassie Parks experts to help adults to follow the calls, for future progress, and perhaps to make some money.

First Health Training Radio, Lesson 34: Laura and Erin talk to Aaron Hinde about his long-term staying power.

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Media, Schmedia

General insulin may come in (hopefully very few people will need food, but this time…). (NYT)

Interesting pages in Blogs

Skin & # 39; fiber & # 39; Are they being renewed?

How are all vegan athletes doing? I didn't know that Djokovic went vegan; I finally remember, he was gluten-free and was very close to Primary.

Social Articles

It's good not to miss

Everything else

I want to write this man to have a party sometimes.

Exercise also relieves stress.

Things that are mine and what I am interested in

I wish I could see it in person: Her half-ton of orangutans was wandering the earth.

I found the article very interesting: Why do children miss school?

I wonder why: some genes arise when you die.

The study I found interesting: How the church's ban on cousin marriage has created modern Europe.

What do you think

Question I am asking

What can modern humans look like?

Recipe section

  • Make matcha & # 39; Thanksgiving & # 39;.
  • Fish & # 39; cherine & # 39; with chermoula and lemon released, typical American.

Time for capsule

One year ago (November 9 – November 15)

  • Eat Eating: Keto Considerations and Essentials – Keep in mind.
  • Contents of thanks for each person in the table – How looga put to work for everyone.

Weekly Comment

“What seems to work for me is always the vodka. You can find details on the internet but basic preparations follow. Take the head of garlic, chop it lightly, place it in a jar, pour 0.5 liters of vodka in the container, let it be 3 weeks shaking twice a day and then filter the garlic vodka. Use only a few of the points; they say 20 points 3 times a day. ”

– Interesting, Martin.

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