Love of the Week – 52nd relationship

Love of the Week – 52nd relationship

Investigation of the Week

In a Iranian study, fast food – but not sugary drinks and salty foods – was significantly associated with elevated liver enzyme.

Neanderthals used spiders to attach arrows to nets.

People who are overweight tend to accumulate fat in their lungs and also increase the risk of asthma.

Pro athletes (football players) have a higher risk of neurodegenerative disease.

The First Blueprint Podcast

Episode 383: Janie A. Bowthorpe: Host Elle Russ chats with a prostate patient advocate & # 39; thyroid & # 39; and author Janie A. Bowthorpe M.Ed.

Events 384: 10 New Positive Changes to Exercise: Host Brad Kearns takes you with 10 new gym changes.

First Health Trainer Radio, Lesson 31: Laura and Erin chat with Carmen Hunter, who specializes in helping clients navigate the comfort zones.

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Media, Schmedia

Grandma runs CrossFit.

Can you work 5-hours?

The psychologist returns to school to study the genes in order to distinguish "growth behavior," he ends up confirming.

Interesting pages in Blogs

It's a shame that we even need things like "adult metal."

The doctors burned down.

Social Articles

You will never guess what happened to diabetes after Mauritius replaced with soybean oil palm oil.

Is Oslo planning it? ban on meat from school lunch– even those brought home?

It's the season.

Everything else

Kellogg & # 39; s will no longer sell "healthy" sugary cereals.

Review of "Game Changes."

Why not a “one size fits all” diet.

Things that are mine and what I am interested in

As I always said: All sources of omega-6 fatty acids are different from seed oils.

I found the article interesting: Should we ban a boss?

I really hope it works (without side effects): the newly developed CRISPR.

I'm digging: Why Trevor Hofbauer competes using his emotions instead of an hour's turn.

We already know: Potatoes are great for energy drinks.

Question I am asking

What has been the biggest negative change in humans over the last 100-150 years? What was the most positive change?

Recipe section

  • You can do tsukune.
  • Winter squash is here, so make a salad.

Time for capsule

One year ago (Oct 19 – Oct 25)

  • Entry Medium-60: 5 Ways My Employee Has Changed – What I Was Doing.
  • Oxidative Priority: Food fuel in the body – What comes first?

Weekly Comment

& # 39; Do you think that technology will ever discover the biology of humans and spill over us in the realm of science? & # 39;

Nope. ”

– said slowly, Darren.

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