Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, say important things three times

Lose weight, lose weight, lose weight, say important things three times

The concept of local weight loss can change body shape, but scientific data does not support their good intentions. But with regard to weight loss and obesity, you should know the following things:

You can reduce or not decrease, the body type is there, don’t leave, don’t give up

Fat loves women’s thighs, buttocks and men’s waists, so obese women are like a pear, while obese men are more like an apple. Local fat loss is almost a fantasy, using X-ray to analyze the structure of the body before and after weight loss, found that local weight loss simply does not work.

weight loss, weight loss, weight loss, important things Say it three times

A 37-year-old woman lost nearly 300 pounds in less than five years, but she still has a “pear” after losing weight. It just turned into a trumpet. The picture is from the original CNN website.

SUSAN FRIED, a professor at the University of Boston School of Medicine’s Center for Obesity and Nutrition Research, said: “Slimming is a proportional reduction in body fat.” Temple University obesity research and Gary Foster, director of the Education Center, also said: “People always imagine that partial weight loss is actually impossible. Fat can only be reduced proportionally throughout the body, and the body is also thinner on the basis of the original shape.” Ster also pointed out that for the most part, the genetic or hormone level determines your body. Therefore, dieters must understand that weight can be alleviated and body size is immutable.

“Pears” are very high-key, “Apple” is more dangerous

Generally speaking, women tend to be pear-shaped and men tend to be apple-type. Crazy weight loss is usually “female pear”, but the subcutaneous fat on the buttocks just looks high-profile, belly fat is the real danger.

weight loss, weight loss, weight loss, important things Say it three times

The fat that accumulates in the abdomen is the notorious visceral fat. They wrap the abdominal organs and disrupt the body’s normal metabolic mechanism. The risk index is very high!

Dr. Robin Blackstone, director of the Department of Surgery and Medical Services at the Scottsdale Health and Weight Loss Center in Arizona, pointed out that fat is a basic energy-supplying substance in the body, and free fatty acids from fat breakdown The liver, where it breaks down, produces energy for the body.

But if you have too much fat, too much fatty acid will exceed the liver’s ability to process and will accumulate in the liver, triggering a range of health problems, including nonalcoholic fatty liver and insulin resistance. And diabetes, etc. At the same time, some hormones secreted by fat cells can induce heart disease, stroke, joint muscle pain and so on.

So say “male apples” should put weight loss on the agenda as soon as possible!

Adipocytes that only increase or decrease

Generally, there are between 1 billion and 3 billion fat cells in humans, but fat cells in obese people. Can be as much as 10 billion! Don’t think that this huge family of fat cells will suddenly “populate” to normal because of weight loss.

weight loss, weight loss, weight loss, important things Say three times

Dr. Fried, who studies fat storage, said that fat cells are very special, and the fat we eat is stored in fat cells in the form of triglycerides. In order to facilitate the body to call at any time.

If we are always overeating, not only will the volume of fat cells swell, but also the number of fat cells will increase. (Editor’s note: Original text is If anyone of us overeats long and hard enough, we can Increase the number of fat cells in our body. But in fact, the number of fat cells will only increase in childhood and adolescence, and the number of fat cells is basically constant after adulthood.). However, when losing weight, fat cells will only shrink in volume, but the amount will not decrease, and these shrinking fats still retain the ability to expand.

Slimming can not reduce the number of fat cells, liposuction can still remove a part of fat cells. However, plastic surgeon Tony Youn pointed out that for obese people, liposuction can reduce a part of fat cells, but it does not mean that the remaining fat cells will not “eat” fatter.

For health, do you have the power to hold the fat in your body?

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