Look at me Oz Maanta

Look at me Oz Maanta

Dear friends, we will serve little, but we want to share some news this morning. I will be Dr Oz Oz Show today, November 7, all about living keto.

Check your local list because different times are different. I can not wait to hear what you think!

Sneak Peak: https://bit.ly/2yXwHq4
Leisure information: https://bit.ly/2PHJQwZ

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3 ideas on "View Me on Dr. Oz Today"

  1. Mark,

    Great job of getting the Keto message in weight!

  2. I think this program is a great listener to get the message from Keto, which is great, but am surprised at what you are thinking content content of this show? I think it's a great deal that is pushing for possible nutrient balance points including all-round swirling support claims that support "very bad science"