Local step effects do not show safe signals

Local step effects do not show safe signals

Security measures are not too strong to compensate for the maintenance of homes treated on the CMS Website and Nursing Home Compare website, according to the latest survey.

The study, which was published on Monday in Health, received six security measures taken by CMS in a satellite-based way that did not have a strong impact on the boundaries.

"There are so many things about Nursing Home Compare, but I think it needs repair," said R. Tamara Konetzka, author of the research and professor at the Scientific Department of Science and Science at the University of Chicago. "To be a good tool for consumers, we need to think about what consumers are worried about and what they are doing is safe and healthy."

Using a compact template, authors have found that in buildings that have two or three-dimensional units, there are no essential elements in the events that have occurred among them. However, they discovered that homes that were made to be the worst and the best-or those with five or five stars-had a relationship with the truth. One home care facility reported on the events of health, home and five guests. The study uses star-rating data from early quarter of 2017.

Households have received degrees from CMS since 2008, as the agency has tried to provide users with a way to illustrate the quality of care. In the best release in October, most of the 4,369 houses-have received five stars and 1,853 hospitals have received the same result. All, 15,396 hospitals received a star rating from CMS in October. Updating monthly updates.

Because of the value of the star to ensure reliable security, Konetzka and his colleagues recommend that CMS place control centers on security measures in a separate split on Nursing Home Compare.

"Strengthening mental vision should be not only to inform consumers, but also to provide strengths and strengths to home-based facilities to improve these levels," the author wrote.

Dr. David Gifford, deputy president of the US Healthcare Committee, representing United States nurses, said he agreed that Nursing Home Compact "needed to provide information in a form that would give them Use the opportunity to visit what you give, most important to them. "

But security measures have reported themselves and there are guarantees that unsuspected homes did not report their reports correctly, says Charlene Harrington, Professor of Social and Social Sciences at California University of San Francisco. "I've reviewed a number of legal cases, and there's a lot to do not report on the most serious diseases, urinary tract cuttings, so this is a problem," Harrington said.

Thinking about this, Harrington says the best source of current data providers to assess the homework project is the position of the professionals. The methods in the Monitoring Act are currently being used to use mathematical data to report to nursing nurses, which means that housing can not be easily modified.

"In the meantime, for consumers, even users are important, we must educate users that even the issue is No. 1. All of these comes from and heavy, "Harrington said.

A restriction by authors mentioned with security measures in nursing homes is that poor poverty is not necessarily necessary for care to disappear. This can indicate that home-controlled homes allow patients to have the right opportunity, says Konetzka.

"In the home of agriculture, there can be a trade between tolerance and safety and quality of life. If you want to prevent damage and other health behaviors, you can only prevent people, but this will be a bad quality of life" she said.

Writers show that one way CMS can identify it is to gain a vision of their lives through the study.

However, Harrington says that the virus can be very difficult at the same time as some patients have a bad job.

"It's hard for them (patients) to make good," she said. "And some families come to nursing homes every day and know what's going on, and some families are not in a hurry."

According to the site boundaries, "the fifth-party CMS application will not be used as a center administrator, which corresponds to the CMS information on the site. Nursing Home, "Gifford in the United States The Monitoring Center says. "The right place of choice is a system that should be run in full-time."