Living with the Laptop Magazines After Loss

Living with the Laptop Magazines After Loss

When you feel about the one who has lost weight, it's about how well they feel or how healthy they are right now. But how about the disorders of the body, such as life with skin or skin or pain? That is what happened to Lexi Reed, 27, from Indiana, and he was talking about it.

Reed starts with new New Year's resolutions. On January 1, 2016, when she spent about 485 million pounds, she and her husband decided to change the weather. He goes out with Netflix and food shoe and with exercise and good food, says Reed Health.

The growth continues in two years, and, thanks to a great deal and dedication, Reed has lost 312 pounds. Talk about your newest. She later received the burden of "prisoners," she said, but no one told her she had faced a new problem: skin and skin.

In February this year, Reed began to face severe hardship. She goes to many doctors and is placed on various medicines, but nothing helps. No doctor can understand exactly what is wrong, she says, and they start to look at her as she does. "There are times that I do not know if I wake up tomorrow because I'm so hot."

It's here and it's time. "One day we were in the bathroom, and my husband stopped behind me and took me in. So I started to see what to do with my stomach and did not cover her hair and other things," she said. "This was the first time I felt the pain and neck pain I felt over the months."

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Reed said he would not allow her to think about this, but she never heard anyone talk about the pain that came with her skin. People are often focusing on the lack of weight, obviously, not the problems that may come.

Her struggle with skin did not stop there. Sometimes it feels so much that weapons will keep hold of it, she said.

Something else has not told her about: Skin removal will take from her ability to show her body.

The last day here. Reed goes to the park with her husband, and she is ready to wash for the first time. I do not have to say that it was very good.

"I made this gown that has a dress, so I'm covered, but everyone looks at his legs because the soft skin will start walking as I do," she said. "I'm really happy at the end of this, you think, I've lost 312 pounds, I want to swim and wash clothes, but I can not."

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Despite what others think, Reed knows that he has a tendency to be proud of his body. "I want to get ten times more than I have now more than 485 pounds in my home where I can do nothing, even to this stadium," she said.

In September, Reed decided that she could not survive her illness. She prepares a surgery to remove a removable protein. She was afraid of surgery, she said, but she was more afraid of the long-term burden of skin loss. "I do not know what's going on because there is no research on it," she said.

On Halloween, Reed coped with the five-year medical clinic of the physician Joseph Michaels, MD, who removed the skin from his stomach and calmly corrected.

Now, just a week after surgery, Reed said she knew she had made a good decision for her life. "I've already said how life was out of drink and," she said.

Reed's goal continues: to help as many people as possible. She intends to write a book about her experience and hopes to be honest with some who want to lose weight or try to work with her skin.

"It's not about the weight you lost, but the life you've got," Reed said. "Yes, I have a different skin color, but it does not prevent me from doing things like driving, flying on airlines, and going to the bank-everything I can do for 485 pounds."

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