Liposuction Almost Burn Another. Here's what doctors want you to know about this terrible disease

Liposuction Almost Burn Another. Here's what doctors want you to know about this terrible disease

Liposuction is a major business: A recent study found that it was the second known plastic plastic in the United States (after birth), with $ 3.200 cost savings. In addition, oil production was 235,000, last year.

And while the road is safe, the latest article in BMJ Case Reports expressed concern that a 45-year-old lives. The text describes doctors and diagnosed with a patient who continues to be seriously ill but severely called a booming boom shortly after the diagnosis.

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The use of shoe occurs when petroleum lotions are separated from the body's weight and body circulation, live in blood vessels or in the lungs and prevent blood imports or oxygen. Usually after bone injury or major disorder, it is written-at least twice in liposuction-based medical books.

Sadly, doctors have written in their report, the situation is "difficult to recognize", and most doctors in plastic do not know that they are on the eye for symptoms.

In their papers, doctors remember the case of a courageous US patient who was diagnosed with cancer and had been diagnosed for two days in the hospital. "The surgery has been forced to remove some of its major components to help prepare its program and then begin to carry out heavy losses," they said.

The method itself is of no value, and about 10 liters of fat is removed from the body. After about 36 hours after the operation, the woman was diagnosed with disorders, and doctors noticed that her heart was very different.

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The condition of a woman is severe, and is restored to the care department, where doctors determine that she has a very small oxygen in her body. After many tests, doctors have realized that its symptoms have led to an increase.

Once diagnosis is diagnosed, women, oxygen and drugs are treated to help restore oxygen, heart, and breathing to the fluid. She took her and was released from the hospital after two weeks. But if not a medical doctor, they may be worse.

The use of fat is not only difficult, says journalists, but there is no special process to help doctors study their origin. Although liposuction is not just in the wrong, dangerous people, people who are worried, or those who have bigger goods are more likely to face problems, they say.

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Anyone who works on the liposuction or other surgical procedure should talk to the doctor about prosperity and danger; it is important to consult the doctors carefully and select the one approved by the US Embassy. Make sure he is working at a known hospital or clinic. Do not speak to those who do not have "licensed" licenses that have regular surgery on the media.

If you choose to go under the knife, following the medical doctor's instructions can help reduce the risk of risk problems. But just like any other way of health, always talk if something does not sound right.