“Light meal master” Hehe Le table light meal, nutritious and delicious market

“Light meal master” Hehe Le table light meal, nutritious and delicious market

When winter arrives, the enthusiasm of people going out to eat is also reduced to freezing point. If you don’t go out, you will not go out. This is almost everyone’s consensus. The willingness of people to go out to eat is declining, which is not good news for the restaurant industry. However, such a restaurant is full of popularity and completely unaffected by the cold weather. It is a Hehe tabletop light meal. What is it that attracts consumers to the store without paying attention to the cold? This is to start from the original intention of the Hehele brand.

Playing with steaming, achieving Chinese fast food leader

Hehele is China’s first The home-baked steamed light snacks, clever use of steaming and simmering two traditional food crafts, blending through the new and innovative, steamed dishes, fresh, tender, fragrant, once launched, will be popular throughout the country. In terms of steaming technology, it integrates the steamed vegetables in the north and south of the Yangtze River, and finally selects 108 steamed and steamed vegetables. In terms of technology, thanks to the support of the national treasure master Lu Changhai, one of the eight famous chefs in China, Master Lu Changhai, Long-term commitment to the research and development of Chinese catering, is an expert in the catering industry, Hehe music, all recipes and techniques, all passed by Master Lu Changhai.

There is a lot of color and flavor, and the food is full of praise

Whether it is steamed or simmered, it is Known as the world’s healthiest cooking method.

Blood value burst table: No hot oil, no matter what kind of food goes in, what kind of food is still in it, fruits and vegetables are still bright and natural, meat fish add a little temptation, look at it Slobber.

Amazing taste: Does not destroy the ingredients of the food, does not taste, does not bias, the original taste of the original, each mouth gives a pure clean feeling.

Nutrition preservation: completely isolates the open flame, no fumes, no pollution, no odor, does not destroy the nutrients in the food, the dishes are mild and do not get angry, eat more and have beauty Effect.

good-looking, delicious, good nutrition, let Hehe Le table light meals quickly swept the market, people from all walks of life, consumers They have given praise, and some experts have pointed out that Hehe Music has become a “phenomenon” that will lead Chinese food to a new era.

It is also known that Hehe Le Tabletop Light Meal is a 24-hour restaurant with “three meals a day + nightingale”. According to local eating habits, select dishes, introduce nutritious breakfast and good value lunch. , delicious dinner, delicious nightingale, not only greatly satisfied the consumer’s dining needs, but also increased the number of franchise stores to increase revenue!

The reporter learned from the headquarters of Hehe Music that Hehe Le tabletop light meal has been opened in the country, 10m2, tens of thousands of yuan to open a shop, no need for a kitchen stove, only a small worker, All the dishes can be made. The headquarters will provide franchisees with uniform ingredients and equipment to ensure that no chefs can make delicious dishes that consumers are obsessed with.