LifePoint report reported Q3 injury before sale to RCCH

LifePoint report reported Q3 injury before sale to RCCH

Despite its lack of strength, LifePoint's standard surpassed three-thirds of the highest levels of budget in preparation for a meeting with entrepreneurs named Brentwood, Tenn. health clinic RCCH HealthCare Partners.

Insurance companies reported only $ 1.6 billion in cash on September 30, 1.2 percent compared with the third quarter of 2017, as required by the researchers. Currently, LifePoint earnings accounted for about 22.3 million dollars, 19 percent from the third quarter of 2017, reaching $ 27.5 million.

The liveline report from LifePoint was 163 million dollars in total, 79% a year, and the company's earnings accounted for about 60% of $ 1.24 $, worthwhile estimation. The donations provided before the use of tax, tax, amortization and amortization was $ 183 million and overwritten predictions.

In a hospital, LifePoint said revenue increased by 2.1% a year, up to 1.5 billion dollars, due to 0.7% in one hospital in one quarter and a 1.4% increase in hospital accurately sign in.

The company reported that 4.7 percent increased,

a]up to 63,118, in the third quarter of 2018 each year. However, however, entries received were not frequent several times a year, increased by 0.1%. Inpatient drugs increased by 7.1 percent per year in quarter, and 2.5% respectively on the account. Medical professionals are 2.8%, and have 0.7% on the account. The urgent emergency meeting increased by 9.1 percent, and increased by 3.8 percent in one.

The company does not hold a third-party call due to its affiliation with the RCCH and its meeting on Monday. The company's pricing price rose slightly from Fridays and # 39;

LifePoint in July was informed that he was planning to prepare with RCCH, an agreement that would bring LifePoint into a RCCH group. The company's companies include $ 8 billion, 84 hospitals, medical doctors, pharmaceuticals and donors in 30 states.

RCCH is owned by the private sector Apollo Global Management, which will pay its $ 65 billion BillPoint subsidy on cash, resulting in a cost of 5.6 billion US dollars, including dollars 2.9 billion in debt debt and minority debt. Some analysts expect Apollo to follow a LifePoint investment inventory and life insurance business.

In his Friday report, LifePoint said there could be a connection between the Delaware RCCH group called Legend Merger Sub, which includes LifePoint with RCCH, and LifePoint continues to be RCCH.

When LifePoint announced the agreement, the company said President and current President, William Carpenter III, would continue to be in the state,

these projects. In September, the company changed the course and informed the retired staff after the meeting, and LifePoint Chief of Staff, David Dill, would be the chairman of the Carpenter Building Company.

As a result of the Carpenter's retirement reward, LifePoint donated $ 21.6 million of a free-cash loan, giving him an account of the account.

Before the meeting can close, the majority of the LifePoint subscribers must have the approval and must have confidence in the transfer, although Mr Michelle Augusty's spokesperson refuses to accept what the authorities want. bright light. The company noted that when the federal government's delay in terminating a deal under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act was terminated September 4.

In a statement coupled with the results, the Massachusetts wrote that the company is enjoying its benefits, received by companies, raising funds and cash.

LifePoint also wrote a loss of money,

a]spent $ 40 million in the Louisiana hospital. The company also linked to the loss of funds,

a]in combination]in hand.