LifePoint consultants agree with the RCCH agreement

LifePoint consultants agree with the RCCH agreement

On LifePoint Health Day on Monday agreed to sell a local emergency service provider for Apollo Global Management partners.

LifePoint said in a statement as a result of the final election that all the recommendations would be discharged into a future Securities and Exchange Commission. Brentwood, Tenn's firm said he wanted to close the deal at the end of the year, closing the weather.

When the agreement entered, Apollo decided to link the LifePoint company with a local hospital company called RCCH HealthCare Partners. This agreement will lead to a number of hospital hospitals 84 with a total of 8 billion dollars.

In the contract, Apollo will pay 65 subscribers in cash, resulting in $ 5.6 billion US dollars, including 2.9 billion US dollars in debt and non-profit debt.

Life was released on Friday and reported in about three quarters. Company reports came under just $ 1.6 billion, 1.2 percent compared to the third quarter of 2017 and the constant struggle. The annual years in LifePoint increased by 19% in third to 22.3 percent.