Life to 100 by eating these 18 foods

Life to 100 by eating these 18 foods

Do you want to live to 100? Research shows your diet plays an important role in your day-to-day date. These 18 are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and even those that are long-term. Eat!

Broccoli: It contains comforting tips, and can help prevent stomach depression and cancer.

Fish: Including omega-3 aquatic fish (and so on, such as tuna, mackerel, and sardines) as your daily diet can reduce the number of bacteria and prevent inflammation.

Water: The right hydrated reduces your risk of blood loss. It also helps you heard adolescent by keeping energy measures.

Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries-all are full-sized antioxidant powerhouses that eliminate the risk of biological dangers.

Garlic: Perhaps you are not breathing, but phytochemicals in the garlic can stop the formation of body carcinogenic body.

Olive oil: Oil was added in olive oil to brain and heart condition, and prevented cancer. In addition, researchers say that women who use oil-rich olive oil have lower skin and lower wrinkles.

Bok wants: In the Vanderbilt University's study, Canadian mammals full of food in a cross like bok choy have little risk of dying or returning.

Avocado: If the cholesterol card number can use some help, listen: eating extra avocado can help reduce LDL cholesterol while spreading HDL cholesterol.

Tomato: There is no better way for lycopene antioxidant than rosy-red tomatoes.

Wake: Your nutrient nutrients, the beans are tall in fiber, lower fat, and are filled with more nutrients and gram than any diet.

All the grain: In more than 40,000 women, those who consume cereals have 31 percent of non-deaths in diseases such as cancer or heart disease compared to women who have little or no grain in their diet. (Make sure to check the benefits of grain care.)

Red beer: Research on the use of wine and other alcoholic beverages is added, but in what we know: low beer wine at the end of the day can reduce stress, which is good for health care.

Leafy leaves: In the study, aging people eat daily salt bread and have half that can die for 4 years as non-vegetarian.

Tea: High tea tea is diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes.

Coffee: Yes, low caffeine in the morning can increase your life, one at a time. Alcohol and Allergy Consumer Drinks with a small risk to Alzheimer and Parkinson, and the 2012 study discovered that coffee makers lived for a long time.

Dark chocolate: The Harvard study in 1999 of 8,000 people found that those who had cholera as three times a month lived one year longer than those who did not. Try these five healthy diet ways to eat chocolate chocolate.

Nuts: With heart disease, protein, fiber, vitamins, and even so, nuts can be the best food you can eat. (That means, not all drugs are created correctly, so choose wisely.)

Red cabbage: This is a clean color that encourages brain and diagnostics.