Li Shizhen said that it is detoxification, Sun Sizhen said that it raises the liver, Japan called it “anti-cancer guardian” and also lose weight

Li Shizhen said that it is detoxification, Sun Sizhen said that it raises the liver, Japan called it “anti-cancer guardian” and also lose weight

Regular diet and hot weather make summer a frequent season for diseases. Liver diseases, toxins, obesity, and carcinogens are threatening and plaguing us every day. However, one thing has already been popular in Japan, and almost everyone is drinking it. Even the medicines, Wang Sunsi and He Shengli, are highly appreciative of its therapeutic value. I am talking about a bunch of green wheat seedlings in the field. Many people don’t know, in fact, its value is particularly high. Let’s take a look at the value and method of eating green wheat seedlings.

Wheatgrass is the tender stem and leaf of wheat of Hemuaceae, and Chinese medicine refers to wheatgrass as “wheat seedling”. During the period of visiting doctors in the Qin and Jin areas of Luyu, the drug king Sun Sizhen encountered flooding of liver diseases and floating corpses. Sun Sizhen used green wheat leaves and red dates to treat liver disease, Qingneng into the liver, blue water, liver poison can be solved, wheat sprouts leaf juice saved the people. Li Shizhen recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” that the green wheat seedlings can be detoxified, and the juice filter clothes can be used to remove irritability, and when the solution is hot, the chest is hot and the small intestine is good.

Green wheat juice has long been popular in Japan. Wort is regarded as an “anti-cancer guardian”. It not only can fight cancer, but also improve the physical properties of the body. It also has a good weight loss effect. Many young women drink green wheat juice every day. To slim down and lose weight. In addition, drinking wheat grass juice can lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and patients with high blood pressure and high blood lipids can eat. Wheat grass is rich in cellulose, which can reduce constipation after taking it. People with colitis, gastrointestinal fever, liver anger and mild liver function index can drink regularly. Since there are many pesticides in the field and there is no health in the market, it is conditional to plant a few wheat straws in the balcony flower pots and then eat them in the following two ways.

How to take wheat seedling juice:

1. Wheat seedling juice:

1. Drink slowly and slowly.

2, must be finished within 20 minutes, otherwise the wheat seedling juice will oxidize and lose the therapeutic effect.

3. It is best to drink before meals or almost on an empty stomach.

Second, honey green wheat seedling juice:

1, fresh wheat seedlings, washed.

2, fruit and vegetable juice together with fruit.

3. Add some honey, and the natural grass has a sweet taste.

fasting population:

Because of short development time, wheat grass juice is cold, cold-physical people, that is, the hands and feet are easy to be cold, the gastrointestinal weakness is easy to diarrhea, It is not advisable to eat more. Otherwise, eating too cold food, easy to stimulate sensitive gastrointestinal tract and cause vomiting or diarrhea.

 Li Shizhen said that it is detoxification, Sun Sizhen said that it raises the liver, Japan called it

Green wheat juice should be eaten with a variety of vegetables, such as: tomatoes, celery, broccoli, bitter gourd, spinach, etc., which can not only digest a variety of nutrients, but also reduce the coldness of wheat grass. Nowadays, many women love to lose weight by dieting and diet pills. In fact, those who hurt the body and affect their health, so women who want to lose weight can try the green wheat juice, insist on taking the body naturally and then lose weight, and the body will be very healthy.