Lazy Mac & # 39;

Lazy Mac & # 39;

Mac and Cheese It is a snack or side dish to keep it. The contract, the lively pastry, covers a rich dish. Well, one day, ok ok, for many days, I am famous for making dinner. Yes, even bloggers rinse with fatigue! And although I have completely obeyed my classic fever, I sometimes want something really realistic. Lazy Mac & # 39; for salvation!

With Lazy Mac & # 39;, you will find soft soup, soft and unpleasant ice cream and vegan, but just crazy, ugly. Feeling depressed, but still wants comfortable food This is you …

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Let's justify it. By boring, I really do MASHQUUL. Because we all have the long list of lists in the list, weeks, years. It does not matter what & # 39; boring & # 39; in the kitchen In fact, some of the most fun foods, clever food is simple! Eat more tasty and we can not help but again and again. What do you mean by the PBJ?

So. Lazy Mac Do you like it?

The fact is, the recruitment is not qumman. The sauce is really more than a penalty and cheezy silky. So if you want a rich soup, dry pie, you may want to take some extra minutes to make a booklet – or one of my cooking books, HHVK. But if you want FAST, confidence, cheezy, taste tastes – give it a try. I am very excited to hear if you like this map as much as we do. Leave a comment below or write to me if you try!

… Lazy Mac & # 39; just may be back to become everything you need to be fast and easy Mac and Cheese!

Two ingredients.
Alcohol Nutrition and Vegan Oil The wound adds green taste and yellow color. Vegan elements add to the richness and taste of salt. Then you can add non-dairy milk with a flavour of flavors and flavors.

Possible Dessert:

* Heating system. Make sure that your pasta is too hot when adding a fire supplement! You want hot pepper to & # 39; cook & # 39; soup Then drain your pasta quickly and combine natural ingredients as long as the substances are still hot.
* Dareemo. Use vegan butter and enjoy your taste. There are few days in the market. I always use the original World Balance – sticks or tubes.
* Coughing milk. Use unprotected or unwanted formula. Do not use any pepper or sweet taste. You want something clear and colorful. Rich products are working well – it can not be offered with a formula! The famous myths for this class are Ripple original or Eden that did not smile. Califia fields as well as inadequate work.
* Cake. You can really use your favorite pastry. All wheat, free gluten … You can even use different shapes like crust or poultry. Use what you have!
* Add-on. This recipe is suitable for the extra dose. I like the hot summer sauce to serve. Chopped vegetables or pork are also easy. I also like vegan sausages such as pasta rye.
* Eight part. I like this tutorial served on salad at the time of the meal. It really makes the right dish right!
* Sweet? So sweet taste is very visible. Sometimes you may want a sweet concert that is different from that. I would advise you to add 1-2 hours. He hears, but it works. Or if you have, take a few tablespoons of mashed potatoes. And by mashed, I mean rolling silk, to mix well.

Kathy Patalsky

Published 09/26/2018

Food & # 39; Lazy Mac & # 39; n & # 39;

Easy Mac and Cheese confectionery uses only the two main substances in the sauces.

Its contents

  • 2 cup cooked pasta – macaroni is an ordinary choice
  • 2 Tbsp fat vegan, jilicsan – try World Balance
  • 4 Tbsp Foods for nutrition – I like it Stay calm sign
  • 2-5 Tbsp for non-dairy milk, wet or sloping stains


  1. Add a large noodle boiling water. Stir the mold, until the contract – usually about 7-10 minutes at the base of the macaroni.
  2. Drain the boiled saucepan water. Keep the graveyard (or transfer a neat plate if preferred.)
  3. Add vegan butter, drink nourish and start two teaspoons of non-dairy milk.
  4. Add hot cough in the oven. the heat from the pasta bright butter soft and warm ulcers using chocolate. Scrub gently until the bag is in the cream.
  5. Use a warm or refrigerated store until you are ready to serve. Tip: This recipe is even better than the next day or as a saliva because the sauces are getting worse even more rubbish.

Yield: 4 weight

Time Preparation: 00 hours. 02 minutes.

Time to cook: 00 hours. 10 minutes.

Time of day: 12 minutes.


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